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About Us
The Ogden Ghost Hunters Organization is located in Ogden Utah and is dedicated to provideing the best paranormal investigation possible. We feel there has to be something +to all the reported cases that have been happining throughout the centuries. We offer Agreemnets of Non-Disclosure and Liability Disclaimers, so you know we won't expose your location for our benefit.

The O.G.H.O. was formed out of a long time desire of Organization President Beau Woods, whom has had many 'ghostly' encounters over the years, steming from one incident when he was eight years old (you can read of that encounter on the Visitors Section page), from that point on it was almost an infatuation with the subject of life after death.

Although we believe in the exisitance of 'ghosts' we have a skeptical approach to any investigation, wether it be a well documented case, or a new investigation we still look for every logical explanation when we get a "positive reading". We use equipment that reads anything from electromagnetic feilds, to the amount of Ions in the air. Some of what we do may seem rediculous to the "skeptic" but if people didn't listen to their heart and just believed what they were told was possible and what wasn't, the world wouldn't be as technologicaly developed. For existance it was once thought that if your body went over fifty miles an hour your skin would rip off, and now everyday on the freeway etc.. people are doing well over that. So it goes to prove that what the general public believes and what is possible do not always match.

We are located in Utah and there is a vast history here and many haunted locations, allthough we don't always get approval to investigate (I feel the religious beliefs of some people grately affect thier decisions).