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Teach a Man to Fish ….

Written By Wayne Allen

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There are thousands of organizations that need donations to continue their work and even rely on those donations to survive.


This hard copy print out or web page describes a method for non-profit organizations to generate donations though the simple efforts of a few volunteers. Your help is requested to do the first project and then spread the word to others on our success.


If you cannot directly help, please send an email to someone else that you think might be able to help



I was told a long time ago that to accomplish great things, in a short amount of time, you need to solicit the help of others.


The Overall Concept:

I think every one would buy a raffle ticket for $1 for a change to win a $1,000-$1,500 playhouse for their child or grandchild. The problem is how to get that playhouse built by a group of volunteers.


Getting the playhouse built is the easiest part as there are plenty of guys that love to work with wood and finish off basements.


The first thing must be accomplished is providing the plans on exactly how to build a playhouse.


When I started this project in December 2002, I planned to ask University schools of Architure to have a local contest to see who could design the best playhouse. With the contacts you night have, maybe we could get that plan drawn by a local designer.


The design would have to meet certain strict guide lines such as:

-         The finished playhouse must be safe for child to play in and be able to be tied down in case of high winds.

-         It must be built in sections that can be transported in the bed of a pickup truck. It will need to be transported to various locations and reassembled for display. The playhouse will need to be carried piece by piece into the backyard of the winner’s home for the final assembly.