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Stargate: Production Area

Production Order Form

Again ordering units has a time limit of 74 hours(3 days), but even so the order will most likely be taken care of in 24 hours. This should only be temporary until the game is fully set up in which case the results will come back immediately. Email your requests to tech support if there is a problem and they will take care of it manually.
Notice: This price will be taxed depending on your economics and other values that are not shown. Account info should tell you your current tax amount. Some of the requests you make may be rejected if you lack the technology or do not have enough naquada or are not of the right race. These things are labeled. Send multiple orders if you want more of one kind.
Spammers will be banned from the site. (10 mail max) Hopefully this system is temporary.

Wraith Unit
(100 Naqueda, Wraith Only)

SG Team
(100 Naqueda, Tauri Only)

Ori Prior
(100 Naqueda, Ori Only)

Jaffa Patrol
(100 Naqueda, Jaffa Only)