This site is intended for those who are, well, at least mildly interested in theoretical scientific (e.g. memetic or other "novel") explanations of social phenomena, including Mormonism and other social and ideological systems.

It is the author's sincere belief after 23 years of model membership in the Mormon Matrix that:

  1. Mormon theology is absurd
  2. Mormon culture is whacked
  3. Official Mormon history is hogwash


"A bosom is to be found in the baring of it.








My purpose in creating this site is to follow President Packer's admonition (i.e. the famous "a testimony is to be found in the bearing of it") to become more convinced of the aforementioned beliefs by telling others about them as if I already knew they were true...

Actually, my purpose is to let off steam after years of having my head filled with nonsense and my time and energy wasted by pointless activities, and to share my testimony... I mean, my findings about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from sincere study of the scriptures... uh, that is, the social sciences.

I am sure that my statements about the LDS (Mormon) Church may seem harsh to some readers. Yes, I have an axe to grind that will take a few years to get rid of. But I actually don't blame anyone for the absurdities I lived with for years and the harmful beliefs and plain errors that exist in the Mormon Church (here's why). I also believe in the overall net benefit of criticizing absurdities, harmful beliefs, and plain errors, as unpleasant or offensive as this may be to individual believers in the Mormon Church or any other social or ideological system.

To me, questions about the "truthfulness" of the Mormon Church simply boil down to historical accuracy. Give me a copy of Truth Restored, one of the official church history texts. Show me -- prove to me -- that what's written there is historically accurate or at least likely based on the highest standards of academic research. Dig out old source documents from 1830 and show me what the authors of Truth Restored are talking about. Then you can tell me that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the "restored church of the dispensation of the fulness of times." Is that unreasonable?

I'm turning to memetics and other rationalistic theories to try to understand why and how phenomena such as the Mormon Church exist. Of course, I could have left the Mormon Church to join another Christian religion and simply argue that Mormonism is a cult, a perversion of the Bible, the work of Satan, etc., but I see the same essential problems with other churches that I see in Mormonism...

Well, with that intro, welcome to my site. My site is functional as of June 11, 2002 and includes the sections in the yellow box below (with more coming). Enjoy!


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There is now so much material on the LDS Church on the Internet that I cannot write a hundredth part of it.