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Server Set-Up Guide

By PhocuS


    This guide will walk you through a basic set-up for a version 1.11/1.16 Quake 3 Arena Rail server. The concepts in this guide can be applied to any number of different weapon combinations using the OSP modification.

1. You will need this file:

2. Extract this file to your main quake3arena folder(the top of the directory). This will create a new folder named "OSP", in it are some very informative documents that I highly suggest you take the time to look over-they tell exactly how to customize your configuration file so that the server is the way you want it.  They also tell all of the Referee and Remote console(rcon) commands that you will need when controlling your server.

3. Now you need a configuration(.cfg) file that outlines what your server will be. Check out the downloads page for a server config and maps file.  Reminder- You can change the map, or gametype, or set hook to ON/OFF, or any other settings using the RCON command list(rcon is also known as the remote console, a sort of "in-game" console that has more control than the ref). Put the configuration file in the newly created OSP folder in the quake directory.

4. Now I won't put a ref/rcon pass in any of the configuration files on this site. To set a ref and rcon pass... First open the .cfg file in notepad or wordpad(whichever you may use) and look down through, notice the different lines that make your server do what you want it to. The ref pass line looks something like this: set ref_password "<pass>" and the rcon pass line looks like this: set rconpassword "<pass>". Both of these lines are found under the "ADMIN" portion of the server config file. After you have the config the way you want it, continue to step 5.

5. This part is kind of confusing... First right click on your quake icon on your desktop. Choose "create shortcut". Rename the shortcut something useful(like Q3 server or something to that nature). Right click on the shortcut; choose properties. Make sure you are looking at the "shortcut" tab. Notice the Target box. Replace what is in there with EXACTLY the following(yes even the quotes)

"C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkmegs 40+set fs_game osp +exec server.cfg

*notice the +exec server.cfg. If you named your configuration something different, replace server.cfg with whatever you named yours.*

Now if you did everything right, you should be able to just click OK and then click on the server icon. A blue console screen comes up and there should be a few errors(expect that, its ok) as long as it doesn't say COULD NOT EXEC SERVER.CFG. Now if it worked, you will be able to go to your local folder after starting q3 and make sure the the line that says "show all empty" is on. Your server should show up, and if u want that 1-5 ping that I know u do ;) connect to the IPX server(not UDP). Congratulations! you now have a quake server that actually runs!