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Lawrence Rey Topham
406 8th Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah

June 23, 2003 A.D.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The First Presidency
Administration Building
47 East South Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150


Dear President Gordon B. Hinckley

        President Thomas S. Monson

        President James E. Faust

Thank you for receiving this letter.  I believe the following matter is vital to the continuing work of the Lord and the preservation of free government in the State of Utah, the United States, and throughout the world.  We as a people cannot violate the laws of God and man and complete the necessary preparatory work we have been called to perform.

June 8, 2003 A.D., I met with President Robert W. Edwards of the Ensign Stake, and Bishop Glenn Lyman Wentworth of the Ensign Third Ward, and explained my concerns to them.  President Edwards asked, “What do you want me to do”?  After preparing a twelve-page record of my views of the matter, I concluded that I would like him to present this letter with the accompanying twelve pages to you.

This is not a light matter and will take the judgment of one like unto Moses.  I have done all that I know to do regarding this most serious situation that affects the worldwide Church.  It affects all freedom loving people everywhere.  We can no longer ignore the great dangers the Latter-day Saints face throughout the world.  Freedom is being lost through disobedience, and with that loss comes the loss of light and truth.

We have neglected our duty to God and to our country.  Constitutional government has all but disappeared from this, once, land of the free. The understated national debt exceeds 6.6 trillion “dollars,” according to those in the United States Department of Treasury.  All of it is based on false accounts and illusion.  The prophets and saints of the Lord cannot continue in ignorance and expect to be saved in the kingdom of God and from destruction on earth if they will not live the principles of the gospel and abide the precepts of the Constitution.  The principle of freedom belongs to all mankind.

The attempt to acquire that one block of Main Street illustrates the magnitude of the present decay in our society. The Lord’s church acquiescing to the offer, an enticing offer, to obtain the public street in front of the House of the Lord with unholy credit, instead of lawful money of the United States, the honest gold and silver Coin of the Constitution.  How is it possible that those holding the holy priesthood of God can use their influence to make such a transaction after all the warnings that have been given concerning the fraudulent activities of the Federal Reserve Banks.  You cannot ignore the dangerous consequences of dealing in false notes, false coins and imaginary bank credit.  You can never obtain lawful title to property by unlawful means.  The Lord, your God, is your judge.

This is the true church of God, not an adjunct to the church of the devil. The Spirit of the Lord, who is in me, constrains me to write these words, they are not of me, nor are they of man.  They are the words that the Lord has given to me to write to you. I have been kept out of activity in the Church for almost twenty-two years because of the waywardness of those in leadership positions in the wards and stakes.  One Stake President following our second interview said, “It doesn’t make any difference in the celestial kingdom whether we use gold and silver or paper money.”  It does make a difference.  It makes a difference to me because I am being kept out of activity in the true Church because bishops and stake presidents and high councilmen use false notes and false coins and illusionary bank credit—made out of bookkeeping entries.  And why do they do this? Because the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Lord set the example for them.  They look to their file leaders for guidance, more for what they do, than what they say, bringing condemnation upon the whole church, even all the children of Zion.

The Lord chastises those whom he loves so they can be saved in his kingdom and dwell eternally in the heavens with him.  I know that he lives. He has kept me alive for more than two decades without my use of paper money, or bank credit, or false coins. I have listened, and repented, and also covenanted to obey that law which is constitutional, as has every one who has been ordained to the High Priesthood, not only to say, but to do the will of the Lord.

Repentance is the only solution that will bring about the restoration of the Constitution.  It is hanging by a thread.  It is on the very verge of destruction. Nearly all of the public offices are, legally, vacant.  As citizens you cannot ignore this matter. As leaders of the Church you cannot continue to uphold unlawful, unofficial and unconstitutional acts of false legislatures.  God will not hold you blameless if you now shun your most solemn covenant to live by every word of God and befriend that law of the land that is constitutional.

Without constitutional law, where is freedom?  It will be gone from the earth.  You must repent.  You must set the example, or the Lord will not be able to save you in his kingdom.

I submit this letter to you,  as directed by my Father in heaven, in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master.  The First Presidency directed me to meet my legal obligation, but has stood in the way so it could not be done, because of their example.  I honor you as prophets, seers and revelators, but you do not honor me as your duly elected political leader, and you do not honor, obey and sustain that law which is constitutional; therefore, freedom is being lost everywhere on earth.  Deny the truth no more.  Humble yourselves.  Save yourselves from the Father's condemnation and from earthly prisons. 

Awake, to a sense of your awful situation.  The secret combination has gotten above you, and has brought you into financial bondage.  Therefore, repent.

It is time to set the house of God in order.  It is time to overthrow the moneychangers in the holy temples of our Father and our God.  It is time to cleanse the inner vessel, first, our selves, then our families, and then the Church. Otherwise we remain unclean, and no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God.  My beloved brethren, help me cleanse myself along with my family and the Church.  Help save the Constitution from the very verge of destruction.

Your Humble Friend and Servant in the Lord,


Lawrence Rey Topham