Texas Weekly Saltwater Fishing Report 9=30-20

Sabine Lake Overall conditions: GOOD. 87-88 degrees. Water clarity; Stained. Redfish are best caught on crankbaits close to the rocks. Jetty fishing will produce bull reds as well as speckled trout on � jig. Flounder are still plentiful in the ship channels.

Bolivar GOOD. 81 Degrees. Rollover Bay is a wonderful, consistent spot for bay fishing or wade fishing. Flounder are in the mudflats, redfish are in the grassy banks, speckled trout are in the reefs. Shrimp under a popping cork is best for most species.

Trinity Bay GOOD. 80-82 degrees. Speckled trout continue to be under the birds, and redfish are good around the grass flats on shrimp. The flounder are good on mullet around rocks. The north and northwest shoreline is a great area year-round due to the generating station. The cooling canal flows into the north side.

East Galveston Bay GOOD. 80-82 degrees. The best time for redfish is now! The bull red run has been incredibly busy with fish. The jetties and beachfront have been great for speckled trout and redfish on fresh bait. Sheepshead are producing along the rocks and piers on shrimp.

West Galveston Bay VERY GOOD. 81-82 degrees. Bull reds along the jetties are great on fresh shad along the bottom in 20-30 feet of water. The shell reefs around the ICW and San Luis Pass are great for speckled trout and redfish on shrimp under a cork. Topwaters are the best choice for wading. Shrimp under a popping cork works for the rest.

Texas City GOOD. 81-82 degrees. Bull reds are picking up in numbers around the dike. Fresh cut mullet is the best bait. Redfish and speckled trout are still excellent along the shoreline on shrimp under a popping cork or soft plastics. Flounder are good on minnow around the rocks. Black drum are good on blue crab around deep structure or vegetation. Sheepshead are good around the rocks on mullet.

Freeport GOOD. 79-81 degrees. Redfish are very plentiful right now, especially around the jetties, and the best chance of catching them is throwing right in the rocks. Speckled Trout are good around San Luis Pass on shrimp, MirrOlures, and soft plastics. Redfish, black drum, and Sheepshead are good on live Shrimp under popping cork around the reefs.

East Matagorda Bay GOOD. 82 degrees. Wading the mid-bay reefs for redfish is great using live shrimp or croaker. Speckled trout are great around Brown Cedar Flats using the same baits. Trout and black drum are great using Bass Assassins.

West Matagorda Bay GOOD. 82 degrees. Large schools of redfish have been great along the north shoreline or around Crab Lake on live shrimp or mullet. Speckled trout have been great on soft plastics in the grass flats.

Port O'Connor GOOD. 80-81 degrees. Speckled trout and redfish are excellent on croaker and live shrimp. Black drum are good on crab around deep water and around grass beds. Concentrate on flats that are close to deep water, throw topwaters in the morning. Flounder are good on live mullet around the rocks.

Rockport VERY GOOD. 81-82 degrees. The temps are cooling, and less people out on the water make for some good fishing. Spoons and topwaters are producing excellent results. The shipping channels are still hot as well. Flounder are great around jetties and piers. Redfish and speckled trout are best on live shrimp.

Port Aransas GOOD. 81-82 degrees. Bull reds are showing up and are biting on shrimp or mullet. The piers remain great for all species. The North Jetty and Redfish Bay are great for redfish and speckled trout on shrimp or mullet. Black drum are good on crab.

Corpus Christi GOOD. 81 degrees. The delta is excellent for speckled trout, redfish, black drum, lots of limits using popping corks and crankbaits. With the incoming tides, a lot of fish are now in the channels. Flounder are good around the rocks and on the backside of the island

Baffin Bay GOOD. 90-91 degrees.Unchanged. Speckled trout have been in the deeper water around 5-7 feet. Redfish are schooling and feeding behind large groups of mullet. Black drum are best around vegetation. Topwater action is still best early in the morning for Speckled trout and redfish.

Port Mansfield GOOD. 80-81 degrees. Unchanged. Trout and redfish are good with water levels up from the high tides, start closer to the shallows, and work out over the grass and potholes using topwater, kwiggler willow tail in garlic, and shrimp under a popping cork. Both north and south of the east cut have been good.

South Padre GOOD. 82-83 degrees. Redfish, speckled trout, are excellent. The jetties are a great spot along with Isla Blanca Park. Black drum are in big numbers and will continue to form in stained waters, and trout will be more likely to hit artificials or blue crab.

Port Isabel GOOD. 83 degrees. As September comes to a close, redfish are bunching up to attack the shrimp along the edges of the grass. The lower Laguna Madre is a tried and true spot with plenty of shallow sand flats. Speckled trout will be in the shallow water near vegetation in the very early morning hours and are best on shrimp under a popping cork. Sheepshead are good on minnow around the rocks. Flounder will be in the back marsh feasting around the drains. Black drum are good on blue crab around deep structure.

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