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Little Hollywood in Kanab, Utah attracts big Holllywood attention

Little Hollywood in Kanab has been the site for many movie sets.

Kanab, Utah, is the site of hundreds of western films. The western novels of writer Zane Grey inspired Tom Mix and some other western stars to ask the Parry brothers, of Kanab to arrange some trips for them to find filming locations. They did and filming began with Tom Mix in Deadwood Coach.

Hollywood California movie makers discovered Kanab and this southern area of Utah began to be used for many western films because of its dramatic landscapes. In 1938 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer shot The Badman of Brimstone and a few years later another MGM company filmed Billy the Kid with Robert Taylor. The Searchers, starring John Wayne, is a classic which was filmed in the Utah-Arizona Monument Valley. The frequent use of Kanab as a filming locale soon helped it become termed Little Hollywood.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Robert Redford and Thelma and Louise were shot more recently in southern Utah.

Filming in Utah has become a lucrative business for the entire state, not just for Kanab.

Come to the Utah Curiosities and Inventions Exhibit at the Utah Museum of Art and History to find out more about what movies have been shot in Utah and to see what is happening today with the internationally acclaimed Sundance Film Festival.

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