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Utah's history is a little bit Country and a little bit Rock n'Roll... Thanks to the Osmonds!

Yes, Itís true. The Donny and Marie you know and love are from Utah.

Born in Ogden Utah, Donny was the first Osmond to receive noteriety and fame as a solo artist. By covering oldies, Donny made a name for himself on the US and British Top Ten Music Charts. After his career in the pop world died out, he moved along into singing musicals. In the late 90ís he proved his amazing musical talent by starring in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Riceís version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.

Meanwhile, Donnyís little sister Marie was also finding fame and success in music. She also made several appearances on the US and British Top Ten Charts. She was even able to team up with Donny to record some duets. Marie followed in her big brotherís footsteps all the way to Broadway, where she starred as Maria in the musical The Sound of Music.

After conquering Broadway, Donny and Marie decided to take on the day time televsion show audience with their new talk show, Donny and Marie.

Lately, Marie has been known for speaking out about her boughts with post-partum depression. She has even written several books on the subject in hopes of reaching out to women who might be suffering with the same condition.

Meanwhile Donny is busy hosting the game show Pyramid.

To find out more about the Osmonds and specifically Donny and Marie, please visit the Utah Curiosities and Inventions Exhibit at the Utah Museum of Art and History.

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