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World Famous Architect Builds in...Utah?

Frank Lloyd Wright chose the Utah city of Bountiful to build a house in.

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most influential architects of his time. His works can be found throughout the world and often relfect the settings in which they are placed.

Utah is lucky enough to be home to one of his works. The Donald M Stromquist house in Bountiful, Utah (seen on the left) is the only work by Frank Lloyd Wright to be found in Utah. When it was built it was quite isolated from its neighbors, but over time houses have grown up around it.

Other Utah architects such as Clifford Percy Evans and Taylor Wooley had the opportunity to work with Wright in Chicago. After working with Wright, these two architects returned to Salt Lake City and formed a partnership. They built a number of buildings in and around Salt Lake including government buildings and buildings for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

To learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright in Utah and other happenings in Utah in the 1950's visit the Utah Curiosities and Inventions Exhibit at the Utah Museum of Art and History.

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