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Friends, Family and Me. Name: Laurie Suzanne
Age: 24 (11/22/1980)
Height: 5'7"
Weight or Body Type: 195lbs. Proportional/A Couple Extra Pounds/Curvy
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Divorced
Dependants: No Children
Location: Tooele, Utah
Reliable Transportation: Cherry Red 2000 Ford Focus ZX3

Are you Employed? Head Dispatcher for an Airport Shuttle Service in Downtown Salt Lake City
Have you been convicted of a crime in the last 10 years? Nope
Highest Level of Education: Some College
Favorite Movie or Actor/Actress?
Favorite Band and/or Type of Music? P-Funk is my favorite band and I like all types of music except for Rap and Modern R&B
Favorite Food? Sushi
Dog or Cat? Dog
Which musical instruments do you play? Guitar and Trumpet

This is just some short and vital information about me. I'm a huge family orriented person. I'm very close to my mother, Theresa, and my step brother, Corey, in which I hang out quite frequently with.
I've just recently been this passionate about music. Which is all thanks to Joe the bassist of the band Big Thumb (USA), in which you can visit their website by clicking on the appropriate link at this page and Joe my personal tech support agent and someone who's shown me that great times don't need to be followed by the pain. They've both been a great inspiration for a number of things: music, love, life and simple uncomplicated understanding. So thanks to both Joes!
I've become more passionate about alot of things that I thought I was passionate about until I went on the little sabatical to St. Louis.
I'll definatly post more when I think of it. I hope that is enough to give you an idea until then and until I can add neat pictures, animations and funny shit!