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Smart, Cute, Funny, Male; Apply Within!
Boyfriend Application

Please fill out the below information as complete as possible and send it to Your information will be reviewed and replied to if the information matches the required corrdinates. You will be able to find the required corrdinates here. The questions that are in italic bold are required information. But try to fill out all the information you can.

Weight or Body Type:
Marital Status:
Reliable Transportation:
How did you hear about me?:
Are you Employed?
Have you been convicted of a crime in the last 10 years? If yes explain:
Explain any handicaps, health/mental conditions or limitations that would affect your performance as a boyfriend.

Highest Level of Education:
Favorite Movie?
Favorite Band or Type of Music?
Favorite Food?
Dog or Cat?
Sushi or Pizza?
Which musical instruments do you play? If you do not play any list one or more that you'd like to learn.

Essay Question:
How much time would you spend planning a first date and give me an idea of what the first date would consist of