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Halloween Village


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Bloody Skull Fountain
Bone End Table
Posable Skeletons


Over the years, Beanie has built a HUGE collection of Halloween village items. It takes up a big part of her room and has a wide variety of fun halloween buildings and characters. Below is a full view of the village, you can either scroll down through the pictures to see close ups, or click on a section of the village from the picture below, and it'll take you to that portion of this page..

A haunted shipwreck. You can see the ghost with scuba gear in the front


A tornado in left background, two skeleton mermaids in the front, and a Pumpkin Pirate on the right background.


The Midnight Cafe and surrounding buildings


A mini graveyard


This house says "climb the rock face" and shows a skeleton doing just that, climbing the face of this building


A spooky fountain the spews real fog


Dragon on top of a haunted house. Notice the road made of bones leaving this building


Invisible man with his invisible dog


A haunted tea party/picnic


Having been a dental assistant for many years, this spooky dentist building is a favorite


Skeleton on a swing near the Ghost Office


Frankenstein in a cage


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