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Ancient Egyptian

 Herbal Secrets


(juniperus spp.)


Otherwise known as Fir, Juniper has been known since ancient times as a remedy for urinary tract problems, gallstones, and gout. Isn’t it nice when something good for you also has a pleasant smell and taste? Juniper berries are well known as the flavoring agent in gin, which is not so good for you.


Juniper and fir have been used to treat painful gout, by reducing uric acid levels. The berries have a strong diuretic, antiseptic and antispasmodic effect, and are useful for the treatment of urinary tract infections. Juniper is also a mild circulatory stimulant


Do not use during pregnancy because of the vaso-dilating and diuretic effect. Avoid in kidney disease.


Be sure of the identity of any plant before you use it. If a preparation makes you sick or gives you a rash, don't use it, and throw it away! If your condition does not improve, see your doctor. Be sure to let your physician know EVERYTHING that you are taking!

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