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Egyptian herb cinnamon


(cinnamonium zeylanicum)


The wonderful aroma of cinnamon, in incense or used in cooking, has delighted the senses since ancient Egyptian times.  On a more morbid note, cinnamon was used for embalming of mummies. It is the dried bark which is used, either whole (our favorite “cinnamon sticks”) or ground.


Cinnamon has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and can be used both internally and externally, although the concentrated oil is irritating to the skin. Cinnamon has some use for female problems, such as excessive menstrual flow and uterine hemorrhage, and menopausal discomfort. It is reputed to reduce the flow of breast milk. It is a mildly invigorating tonic, as anyone will affirm who has had a cup of hot cinnamon apple tea on a cold fall day!Ummm, ummm, I sure love this spice, and use various products to keep this scent in my home!


Not recommended for pregnant women. Also, may irritate the stomach in some individuals if used to excess.I got in trouble with this spice personally - since I love the heady aroma of cinnamon so much, I tried to use the oil on my skin for perfume. No No No- Ouch! Hot stuff!


Be sure of the identity of any plant before you use it. If a preparation makes you sick or gives you a rash, don't use it, and throw it away! If your condition does not improve, see your doctor. Be sure to let your physician know  EVERYTHING that you are taking!

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