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(cassia actifolia)


Otherwise known as senna, this herb is a member of the pea family. The powdered leaf tea has been used since ancient times as a laxative.


 This herb has one primary use, that of cleansing the bowel and it certainly does that job well. Because this is a strong laxative, it is better to use commercially prepared over-the-counter preparations that have a more predictable effect than attempting to use the leaves on your own.


This herb is a strong laxative, and can cause cramping in some individuals. It is not to be taken during pregnancy. Do not take longer than a week, because it can cause laxative dependence. Constipation is better prevented by proper diet, lots of water, and regular exercise.


Be sure of the identity of any plant before you use it. If a preparation makes you sick or gives you a rash, don't use it, and throw it away! If your condition does not improve, see your doctor. Be sure to let your physician know  EVERYTHING that you are taking!>

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