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Sold 2005 Barrett-Jackson Auction January Arizona Lot #703 Brings World record sale price of 114800, most money ever for any A12 19691/2 m code Roadrunner or Superbee car sold, restored by Moviestarmusclecars/GPMusclercars. Moviestarmusclecars was co founded by brothers and owners Gary and Danny .Since starting the company in 1997We have owned and restored some of the Worlds most sought after collectors cars. We have numorus magazine featues in Canadian Classics Mopar Muscle and Mopar collectors guide too name just a few. We have won many Best of show and First place wins such as Mopars at Morosso chosen by Randy Bolig Editor of Mopar Mucsle Magazine. We have had cars the last two years in the invitational building at Mopar Nationals at Carlisle. We specialize in Mopars GM;s Chevy,s and Fords. Since starting Moviestarmusclecars our restoration buisness has grown to over 5000 feet of offices shop space and warehouses. We have a well trained and experieced staff. Today we can complete ten full rotissorie restorations from start to finish in a year. This allows us to be able to do our cars and at least six to eight for clients and other collectors. Our quality of work speaks for itself and we deliver our promises.Quality, price and schedualing. We can supply many refferences,but as you go through the website you will be able too see for yourself what our capabillities are.We don;t do this just for money but for a love of these cars and our goal is to bring back as many as possible to there former glory.Our offices and Shop are located at 1245C LaPlace St Vincent De Paul Laval Quebec H7C2N6. We ship in and out the US from Chazy NY

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1 of 1 Factory two tone Pink Duster
as Featured in April 2005 Cover of Moparcollectersguide Magazine

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