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My site is lame. There, I gave you fair warning.

I talk about myself too much, don't I? Admit it!
Old Spin pics w/o Danny :(


Spin Trivia was dead. Now, miraculously, we've started playing again and we're hipper than ever. Go figure. Problem- Branden goes to Jamaica to serve in December and I, myself will be losing myself in the service of the Lord in the great state o' Texas starting in January. In the months following, Mark and Danny will be meeting similar fates. We'll be gone for a couple of years, so who knows what will happen? Until then, I'll just leave some lyrics on here to waste just that much more of angelfire's precious space. Ha. <<<<::::::::::Update::::::::::>>>> I'm leaving on a mission in one week. So I'm pretty sure this is the last time I'll be updating this thing. I ended up recording some 8 of my favorite songs onto a cd. If you want one ask Mark for one. Enjoy taking a deep look into my very personal and very embarassing life...oh look I'm blushing. I messed up on a couple songs but they turned out alright. Never fear, when I get back I'll make another CD and it may just be better than the first. Unless I start liking Dave Matthews Band like all the other return missionaries *prays that won't happen* Anyway, I've updated a few song lyrics so click on the stupid picture above and read even farther into the abyss of Dan. Word, peace, music, mission. --Farewell-- Sign the book! Wait, nobody comes in here. I'll be interested to see if anyone's actually written in this thing when I get back.
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