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She longs to wipe the slate clean, She lives a self-induced dream, The pain is never there long, And yet it's never gone. Her concsience turns inside her, Sometimes I sit beside her, She can't look at my face, She wishes life was dry erase. Their staring eyes assailing, Now feeling like she's failing, She feels the guilt she feels the pain, She wonders if she's been stained. She feels stupid and strange, Prays to God, "Please let me Change, I've fallen out of place, I wish my life was dry erase." Yeah she's faking, She just makes the pain, An antisocial faker, She excludes herself, Attention thirsting stupor, They won't give her Satisfaction, Shun her in true teenage fashion, She's just faking, She just faking, Making all of us take pity... She feels stupid and strange, Noone here will let her change, They've pushed her out of place, She wishes life was dry erase. One pill, Two pills, Three little pills, Four pills, Five pills, Six little pills, Seven pills, Eight pills, Nine little pills, Getting drowsy, drowsy, drowsy, drowsy, drowsy....Dry erase.