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a dog's eye view

I am a 14 year old male chow
when i want to know the weather i go here:Tooele Valley Weather
Western Climate Data

I have lots of pictures,if you want to see more,
click on the'more pictures'link
click here and hear CHYNOWoof_Woof

I Love to walk in the snow

But even walking in the heat is ok


too hot for a guy with a coat like mine How hot was it ?

 More walking pictures

In the Warm months we have a garden

things grow, i watched them grow

 More Garden pictures

a cat named Mr. Mimsey came to live with us

he is a cute Kitty, and ferocious
More Kitty pictures

and then chickens

 More Chicken pictures

we have a nice house

 More house pictures

Y'All come visit , we'll go for a walk in the mountains - The Chow-Chow Network
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