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Busy Bee Babies - unique and one of a kind baby and shower gifts!

Busy Bee Babies, we are closing down our website, thank you to all our customers, we have a few items left, but once they are gone that will be it.
Busy Bee Babies - Special News!

Looking for that special something for the love of your life? Check out our beautiful "love" necklaces.
Below are all our products, click on a photo to see an enlarged photo, description and pricing!

Mr. Q T Stork

Ms. Quack Kee Splash
2 available

Bay Bee Diaper Cake
2 available

Bay Bee Mini Wreath
3 available

Bay Bee Diaper Wreath
2 available

Hand Cut Quarter Necklaces/keychains

Ms. Ellie Elephant
3 available