Good Morning, America:
Everything i hate in today's society rolled into 1 show

I woke up this morning to watch Joel Siegal's movie reviews on good morning america, i ended up SO FUCKING PISSED AND AGRIVTED that i missed it, heres Why:

Every 3 minutes there is a commercial, not to mention theres that big ass window with all the billboards in the backround. i havent been exposed to that much advertising since the last time i was on BUDUMP TSS. but seriously they will come back FROM a comercial and say "Joel Siegal coming up.....AFTER THIS!" and show even more commercials. stay tuned for my upcoming article on advertising.

Good morning america tries to make everybody a hero. "a very inspirational person to us all....some heroin addict who quit long enough to come onto our show!" for example on todays show there was a Girl with no arms, and even though she had no arms she was still kinda hot, witch made me think- if she wasnt a little bit attratctive would she be so "inspirational"? of course not.

I also i picked a bad day to citique Good Morining America because it was the day that dumb Jessica Lynch whore came home, but enough about her, back to good morning america...Oh yeah, its ALWAYS the same crap that tries to make us afraid and tries to make us buy their sponsor's products. heres an example of what you may hear diane sawyer or that other dumbass say:

"Today there is a story in the news thats getting some attention and could have an impact on your life. more on that later. Up next is Joel Siegals movie reviews but right now were gunna talk about what jessica lynch had for dinner- out to our jessica lynch dinner senior corispondent-a midget in a bikini, midget."
Midget:"Thanks bill, yes im standing here outside of jessica lynches bedroom where it apears that she is eating chicken- fried if im not mistaken and is that...YES ITS POTATOS! MASHED! you heard it hear first on good morning america- fried chicken and mashed potatos. joel seigal is next, back to you bill."
"Thanks midget, in other news 29472947209479274 soldiers have died today actualy doing important stuff, but who cares about them: jessica lynch is home and even though shes only famous becasue she fucked up and crashed who cares shes making us money. joel siegal is next, goodbye"
::credits roll::

now i know that some of you are lost right about now and cant understand why i hate good morning america (or any news program that is just as biast and annoying) so i just suggest you watch good morning america just once, and take not of how they try to hide theyre important stories between comercials and "inspirational americans" and how they try and make everyone so scared of either becoming fat or afraid of minorities, not too mention that diane sawyer is as dumb as tits on a bull. here is a story that was on todays episode witch proves how dumb she is and proves why i hate her:

A well respected family was out to dinner and for some stupid reason the kids wanted to ride home while in the trunk of the car. the cops got wind of this the parents are fined for child abuse and not alowed to see the kids until the trial is over.

it is my opinion that those parents are fucking stupid and SHOULD be locked up. Now diane sawyer invited the cop that arrested the family on the show (not the family, because if she did that she wouldnt be able to ask dumb questions over and over) and heres how that interview went:

Diane: do you feel that it was just to arrest the parents?
Cop: of course, its illeagal, not to mention dumb. its a law to wear a seatbelt in this country and they failed to do so
Diane: but do you think its fair that they cant see their kids?
cop: well i didnt make that decision the courts did
Diane: but do you think it was just to seperate them from their kids?
cop: ......i didnt make that desicion
diane: you have a daughter, how would you feel if you were in this situation?
cop: i wouldnt be in this situation i have an IQ higher than my shoe size and im a responsible parent you dumb bitch!

Ok so it didnt go exactly like that but im just trying to get the point across that shes a dumb bitch who must be stopped.

i realize that this article is very long and unproofread but im pissed and ill edit it later

also, i hate those 42 year old moms who skip work to wave through that damn window.