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Product Development and Marketing Consultants


How It All Began

Several years ago we were in search of a business that could fulfill all our needs to help our product to get out into the world. What we discovered is that no singular such business existed.

For a patent and search, we needed one business; for market research and analysis, another business; creating a business plan; locating and finding venture capital for financing, another; infomercial production, HomeShoppersClub(HSC) and QVC television exposure; trade shows; import/export; location of raw materials, manufacturing, marketing and sales, distribution, yet another, another, and another. The search was endless, exhaustive and very expensive.

Where could we go to get the answers we needed? No one could assist us! Our expenses soared with each step we took. No singular business could provide to us the guidance and answers we sought. Frustration began to fill our dreams intent.

Out of necessity was born the invention to create a niche that needed to be filled.

All the painstaking processes rewarded us with the knowledge that we could overcome great obstacles, if we but persisted in the pursuit of our dreams and goals.

Each step taken brought us closer to attaining our goals and we subsequently gained very valuable and extensive knowledge that has benefitted others in the fulfillment of their dreams.

Now, This Is All Available To You!

Our expertise and extensive knowledge is the one answer, "One Stop Shop", you have been waiting for and seeking. And, more importantly, we are efficient, effective, and economical. And,

"We Guarantee To Bring To Fruition,
Your Dreams!"

Inclusive of.......

*Patents/Patent Searches

*Market Research/Analysis

*Sales (Wholesale/Retail)

*Multi-Level Marketing

*Business Plans

*WEB Page Design/Sites

*Financial Projections/Planning

*Ad Campaigns

*Investors Locating/Resourcing

*Direct Mail Marketing

*Venture Capital


*Factoring Sources


*Raw Materials

*Home Shoppers & QVC

*Manufacturing (Domestic/Foreign)

*Market Planning/Strategies


*Trade Shows

*UPC/Bar Codes

*Media: Newspaper/Radio/TV


*Design/Graphic Art






*US Government Contracts

*Federal Grants/Loans

*Global Distribution



Pre-Performance Fee.....................................................$495

A Retainer/Earnest Money Deposit, which reflects your genuine interest, intent and your commitment to enter into this contract and agreement, is payable prior to initial Start-Up of our services; submitted with contract. You have our assurances; we do perform!

30-Day Performance Fee................................................$495

Additionally required and is payable upon your satisfaction of our performance 30-days subsequent to contract date. Your satisfaction is completely 100% GUARANTEED! Or you will receive a FULL 100% REFUND. We want your success; it insures ours.

Weekly Performance Progress Reports will be provided to client.

All expenses incurred by Royce & Associates are the sole responsibility of Royce & Associates without payment, reimbursement, remuneration, or compensation by client.

All above FEES, Start-Up and 30-Day, are deducted from and applied to the initial (first) 10% (ten percent) of contracted payments and compensation by client for any product sales.

Exclusive Rights of client's product will remain with and be retained by client without any assignments to Royce & Associates. Client retains the right of dismissal for failure to perform.

Any/All decisions for growth, with proposals and recommendations of options made available and presented to client by Royce & Associates, are at the discretion and approval of client.



By and Between:

Hereinafter referred to as Royce, and



CITY____________________________ STATE_______ZIP_____________

PHONE(_____)_____________________hereinafter referred to as


do enter into a mutually beneficial business relationship, stipulate, and agree to the following:

ROYCE will develop and facilitate the growth of____________________________________________'s product
identified as_______________________________________________
UNITED STATES PATENT NUMBER_________________________________
to include any and all necessary resourcing, product development and marketing by ROYCE to enhance and benefit
___________________________________________'s product as a profitable business venture.

Inclusive of:

* Patents/Patent Searches * Sales (Wholesale/Retail) * Market Research/Analysis * Multi-Level Marketing * Business Plans * WEB Page Design/Sites * Financial Projections/Planning * AD Campaigns * Investors Locating/Resourcing * Direct Mail Marketing * Venture Capitol * Telemarketing * Factoring Sources * Infomercials/Videos * Raw Materials * Home shoppers/QVC * Manufacturing(Domestic/Foreign) * Promotions * Market Planning/Strategies * Trade Shows * UPC/Bar Codes * Media: Newspaper/Radio/TV * Import/Export * Design/Graphic Art * Distribution * Brochures/Literature * Displays * Licensing/Franchising * Representatives/Agents * US Government Contracts * Federal Grants/Loans * Global Distribution

Compensation to ROYCE will be made by___________________________________as follows: ROYCE will be compensated/remunerated by___________________________________at 10% (ten percent) of all gross sales, directly or indirectly, resulting from the resource service efforts provided by ROYCE. Services inclusive of any and all use of information, advice, counsel, data, classes,meetings,seminars, networking, suggestions, ideas, contacts of a direct/indirect nature,and any and all benefits derived by_________________________________for product growth. Compensation will be made by__________________________________to ROYCE within a timely manner, but not less than 15 (fifteen) calendar days of the receipt of any and all monies ____________________________receives as payment of ___________________________________________'s product.



Signed this_______Day of___________200__

__________________________________________________________________________ ____


If you have any questions or comments
Please, contact us at

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