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Chapter 5: Here a Clone, There a Clone

"I hate rain, I hate rain, I hate rain, I hate rain…" That is exactly what Megavolt was repeating to himself over and over and over as he made his way through the storm to the Zoo. The fact that his mode of transportation was a skateboard didn't make matters much better. However, the rain had been falling with less abundance than it had earlier in the day.
Despite the fact that he was wearing a plastic parka Megavolt gave up all hope of staying dry as soon as he left the Fearsome Five's hideout. He resigned himself to being wet and practically powerless for the time being.
It was more important to find Coulomb and destroy the cloning machine before Negaduck figured out how to use it.
These and similar thoughts enveloped the inventor as he skateboarded clumsily towards the Zoo. Or rather, in the direction he thought the Zoo should be. Because his mind was so busy, he failed to notice the young woman directly in front of him. In a very short time, they were both sitting on the ground in a puddle staring at each other with a strikingly similar dazed expression.
"Hey, look where you're going!" they both said simultaneously. "No you look… no… stoppit!" They both stopped talking. They sat there in the rain looking at each other for a minute before they both said, at the exact same moment, "Who are you?" The same annoyed frown and furrowed brows showed themselves on each face, but instead of trying to speak alone again, the woman grabbed Megavolt and held his mouth shut.
"All right, enough of that game," she said coolly. "My name is Ampera. I'm trying to find two people named Megavolt and Coulomb. I've heard they're at the Zoo. Do you know where that is?" She loosened her grasp to allow Megavolt to speak. He straightened up, rubbing his nose.
"That hurt," he said. "I'm Megavolt. Coulomb's still at the Zoo. That's where I'm going. Who's asking anyway?"
Ampera sighed with relief. "Oh thank goodness I've found you! Negaduck's learned how to operate the cloning machine…"
"WHAT?!" Megavolt's eyes nearly popped out of his goggles.
"But he muddled things a bit by playing with the buttons. The machine used your genes as well as his."
"So… I've got a kid whose father is also Negaduck??"
"Two, actually. Me and my sister. My sister takes after his side of the family."
Megavolt promptly fainted.

* * * * *

Darkwing was absolutely correct in thinking that something fishy was developing in the Zoo. Specifically, just outside the giraffes' enclosure. By the time he got there, it was a regular convention. The attendees were as follows: a young boy dressed in a costume very much like Megavolt's who was trying to rile up the giraffes, two young women with the most unique feathers Darkwing had ever seen, the entire Fearsome Five minus Megavolt, and a hobo in a huge parka with a skateboard. From the looks of things, the majority of the group didn't seem to have any idea what they were doing there.
This was definitely going to be a weird night. Darkwing inched the Ratcatcher along slowly, watching the bizarre goings-on. When it became apparent that either nobody noticed or nobody cared about his presence, he got off the motorcycle and strolled over to the taller of the blue-feathered ducks. She was hovering over the hobo looking concerned. Darkwing tapped her shoulder.
"Excuse me, miss… Would you mind telling me exactly what is going on here?"
The woman turned. Darkwing was momentarily taken aback by the lightening bolt design on her forehead. The woman took a deep breath and began to talk.
"Well when Quanta and I appeared out of nowhere, but actually not nowhere, Coulomb was already on his way here to liberate the giraffes. Quanta and my father said they were going to stay behind, but they're here now. I came and ran into my father Megavolt on the way here to find Coulomb, but my dad kinda went unconscious and now those three weirdoes showed up. I think they're here because my father told them to be here, but I don't…"
"Wait a minute, slow down!" Darkwing shook his head. "Let me get this straight… Who are you?"
"I've been asked that a lot today. I think I should wear a nametag. I'm Ampera."
"Okay… and your father is Negaduck?"
Ampera nodded.
"And Megavolt?"
Ampera nodded again.
"It's a long story. I was just trying to shorten it because I kinda need to go get Coulomb away from the giraffes."
"Who's Coulomb?"
Ampera pointed to the boy in the giraffes' enclosure. "He's Megavolt's clone."
"Uh-huh… and you know this how?"
"I inherited some of my father's knowledge. I've never actually met either of them… Well I did meet my father Megavolt, but only briefly."
Darkwing raised his eyebrows. "Tell me something… is this whole group on some kind of drugs or something?"
Ampera gave Darkwing a Look. "Say, who are you anyway?"
"Oh, I am the terror that flaps in the night, the horror blah blah blah… I'm Darkwing Duck."
"Ah… I see… impressive… right… well…" Ampera turned back to the still unconscious Megavolt. Since nobody was actually doing anything illegal yet (stupid, yes. Bizarre, yes. Completely illogical, yes. But illegal, no), he decided to meander over to the guardrail and watch the show.
Coulomb, or rather, Megavolt at the age of 12, had perched himself in a tree overlooking the giraffes. He was shouting what sounded like rally slogans from right out of the '60s. The whole spectacle was greatly amusing.
Meanwhile, Ampera was trying to get her father to wake up.
"Megavolt! Wake up! You exasperating rodent, wake UP!!" He yelling had little to no effect. Time for Plan B: the bucket of cold water.
That did the job. Megavolt sat up with a start, sputtering and coughing from having a bucket of water dumped on his head. "What the…?!" He looked around. It didn't take him long to figure out what was going on. "Oh criminy."
Ampera grabbed her father by his collar. She had definitely inherited certain traits from both ends of the family. "Megavolt!"
"I'm listening!" he coughed.
"Go get your butt outta that tree!"
Ampera rather forcibly turned Megavolt's face in the general direction of Coulomb.
"Oh," he said.
"Dad, did you remember to check the energy leak potential in your clones?"
"Uh… no, I.. GAH!! You don't mean…?!" Megavolt leaped to his feet and grabbed Ampera by her collar.
"I certainly do mean. I mean very much. Now you'd better go get your butt outta that tree before one of you goes completely berzonkers."
Megavolt was off and running. It was not long before he had joined Coulomb in the tree. Darkwing edged his way over to Ampera.
"What exactly do you… er… mean?" he asked.
Ampera sighed. "Megavolt transferred his powers into that clone, but his 12-year-old body wasn't made to withstand them. So all that power is trying to store itself in places that don't exist, which means that if that tree gets struck by lightening, which according to my calculations is extremely likely right now, all that power will suddenly release itself."
"And I take it that's a bad thing?"
"Kaboom," Ampera said.
"I see…. Kaboom, eh… oh dear." Darkwing decided to leave the problem of the kaboom alone for a moment and go investigate the rest of the Fearsome Five.
Negaduck and Quanta were sitting quite peacefully on a bench nearby. They were all but oblivious to their surroundings. Bushroot was playing with some bushes, Quackerjack was playing with Bushroot's hair, and the Liquidator was splitting himself into various puddles and sneaking up on unsuspecting victims (Quacky and Bushy) who would then step into him, fall, and become even wetter than they already were (if such a thing is possible).
Darkwing decided to see just how bizarre this scene could get. "'Scuse me, fellows," he said, "what are you doing here?"
All three looked at Darkwing. "Nothing," they said.
"Negaduck told us to come here and watch the giraffes," Quakerjack said.
"But so far Megavolt gets to have all the fun."
"I see…" If the three supervillains recognized him, they obviously didn't care that he was hanging around. "Man, this is a weird day," Darkwing said to himself. He left the squabbling supervillains to take his old place at the guardrail.
As he watched the giraffes, Negaduck and Quanta casually stood up and went to the three supervillains. Negaduck had to kick Quackerjack to get their attention.
"Did you take care of the walls?" he whispered.
"Sure, boss. All taken care of. Kerosene all over the place." Quackerjack assured him. The others nodded.
"Good. Now let's just sit back, relax, and hope the metal plates in that tree do their job."
Bushroot, Quackerjack, and the Liquidator obediently took their seats on the guardrail. High above, a distant roll of thunder sounded its deep beat over the city.

Chapter 6: Kaboom