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Rocket Talk for Netscape

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     Welcome to the fastest growing Oldsmobile Community on the net!

     The chat room is the most active around 8:00 PM Mountain time Thur - Sat. Feel free to stop by any time, as some of us are in here on the other nights as well.

Useful commands are at the bottom (Scroll down).

Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat.  

Some useful commands:

*chat bgcolor black : Changes background to black (or specified color)
*chat fgcolor green : Changes foreground (text) to specified color
*chat fontsize 16 : Changes text size to specified font size
*beep enter on : Gives audible signal when users log in
/help : Displays the complete list of
chat commands into the chat window

The asterisk is important there, and must be exactly as presented above in red.
If you click on float, you then can resize the window as desired

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