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Info On Ocarina Songs

Altogether, there are thirteen different Ocarina Songs that you can learn. Twelve of these songs will be recorded on one of the sub-screens (the screens that you press "Start" to view). The thirteenth song you will have to make up on your own and remember on your own. The songs have many different uses. Here is a good hint: whenever Navi (the Fairy that "guards" you) turns green and hovers in a certain spot, and you cannot figure out the reason for this - try playing one of the songs. You never know what may happen. Here is another hint: if you take out your Ocarina in a certain spot, and a musical staff appears on the screen, then there is very likely a song that you must play. To learn a song, simply press the buttons on your controller which correspond to the buttons on the musical staff that appears on the screen. Zelda's Lullaby - You learn this song from Impa, who is Zelda's guardian. After you first meet Zelda in the garden of her castle, she will entrust you to Impa. Impa will escort you out of the castle and teach you this song before she leaves you. Epona's Song - You learn this song from the little girl named Malon at Lon Lon Ranch. If you visit the ranch in the daytime while you are a kid, you will see her in the middle of the huge corral singing. If you pull out your Ocarina, she will ask you to play her mother's song for her. After you learn this song, Epona (Malon's pony) will like you and this bond of friendship will never be forgotten even when you come back when you are seven years older. In fact, after you have "won" Epona from the ranch as an adult, all you have to do is play this song anywhere on the world map and Epona (now a full grown horse) will run to you. Sun Song - You learn this song underneath the Royal Family Tomb in the Kakariko Village Graveyard. You must defeat the bats in the first room, then dodge the enemies in the second room, and finally read the inscription on the wall in the third room to learn this song. This is a very useful song - when you play it, twelve hours will automatically roll by, turning day into night or night into day. In some villages, different people are out during the night than in the day, so this becomes a very useful song. Saria's Song - You will learn this song from your old friend Saria. She is somewhere in the Lost Woods. If you wander around this area for a little while, you will stumble upon the Owl. This is the one time that I ever remember the Owl's advice being useful. He tells you to follow the sound of the music. This means that to find the correct path through the maze-like Lost Woods, you must go through the logs in which the music plays the loudest. You must remember this path for now on, however. You will need to take this same path as an adult, and this time there will be no music to guide you through. As a kid, the music will eventually lead to the Sacred Meadow of the Forest. You will then enter another maze - this one being of foliage. After you get through this, you will meet Saria playing her Ocarina on a tree stump. She will teach you her song. It's not the most useful of songs, but it does serve one important purpose - you must play this for Darunia (the leader of Gorons). In addition, playing it will let you talk to Saria, and she sometimes has some good advice for you. Song of Time - After you have found all three stones, you have to go to Hyrule Castle. Just as you approach the drawbridge, a movie-like sequence ensues. Zelda and Impa gallop by on a horse, and Zelda throws something in the castle moat. Before you can see what is, however, you run into Ganondorf (the bad guy) and he knocks you down with some type of magic. After Ganondorf is gone, go into the moat and retrieve the item - it will be the Ocarina of Time (the fourth "ingredient" to open the Door of Time - the other three ingredients being the three stones that you have been collecting). When you pick up this new Ocarina, another movie-like sequence will begin. In this one, Zelda will teach you this song. The song does have other purposes besides simply opening the Door of Time, however… Song of Storms - You will learn this song as an adult in the Kakariko Village Windmill. There is a strange man there who will bitch about some kid playing a bad song a long time ago on an ocarina. When you take out your ocarina, the man will teach the song to you. It's main purpose is to drain the well back in the time period when you are a kid (for the Lens of Truth is located underneath the well). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here ends the top row of songs that are recorded on the sub-screen. The bottom row is all songs that warp you to specific locations. It includes these six songs: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minuet of Forest - Remember when I told you not to forget the way through the Lost Woods to the Sacred Meadow? Well, I hope you remembered the path, because I didn't. As an adult, follow the path. When you get to the maze of foliage, you will encounter a new enemy - a behemoth-like guard (in fact, there are many of them). I find that they can be defeated with well-thrown bombs. After you pass all of the guards, you will go to the place where Saria sat on the tree stump and taught you her song. She will, however, not be there. While you are just sitting around, Sheik will jump down and teach you this song. This song will allow you to warp immediately to this location without having to go through the trials of defeating the guards again. Fire Bolero - You will learn this song in the Death Mountain Crater. You must first have the Red Tunic to protect you from the heat. After you take the secret passage between Goron City and the Death Mountain Crater, you will see a broken wooden bridge in front of you. Use the hookshot to get to the other section of the bridge and you will meet Sheik again. Sheik will teach you this song, which allows you to warp immediately to the Death Mountain Crater when you play it. Serenade of Water - You go into the Ice Cavern (for more info, see "Ice Cave" summary). After you solve the puzzle in the room with the moving ice-block, and you enter the door, proceed until you come to the room in which you fight a wolf. The wolf is relatively easy to defeat. After this, either Sheik appears or you must open up the treasure chest with the Iron Boots to make him appear. He will teach you the Serenade of Water. This song will warp you to the stone tile in the middle of Lake Hylia. Spirit - This song is very difficult to learn, but learning it will save you much trouble throughout the game. First, you must go to Gerudo Valley and rescue all of the thieves. After this, you should be on good terms with the Gerudos and they will allow you to walk around their "village." They will give you access to the desert. When you are in the desert, you must follow all of the flags (which is very difficult, because I think that some flags are fakes) until you come to a small type of "house." If you use the Lens of Truth, you will see a big, fat ghost that looks like a Poe. Keep using the Lens of Truth and follow the ghost (he moves quickly, so you have to move your ass). Keep following until he leads you to the Spirit Temple. You will not yet learn the song, however. You must first enter the Spirit Temple, and then when you can not go any further (which is almost immediately apparent), exit the temple. Sheik should be waiting for you on the outside. You will learn this song from Sheik. The song will warp you to the stone right by the Spirit Temple. Shadow - You will actually probably learn this song prior to learning the previous one. After you complete the Water Temple, head over to Kakariko Village. As you approach the well, you will see that a lot of the village is on fire. Try playing the Song of Storms. If you cannot play, then you are about to meet Sheik. If you can play, then Sheik will show up after you play. Sheik, after complaining a bit, will teach you this song. This song will teleport you to that area in the back of the Kakariko Village Graveyard that you could not reach before. The entrance to the Shadow Temple is right there. Prelude of Light - You can learn this song at any point after you complete the Forest Temple. To learn it, go back to the Temple of Time. Walk back to the area in which you found the Master Sword, and you will find Sheik standing there instead. After offering you some advice, Sheik will teach you this song. It will warp you back to the Temple of Time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all of the songs that are recorded on your sub-screen. There is, however, one more song to learn. You will make up this song yourself: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scarecrow Song - As a kid, you may have seen two scarecrows near the vicinity of Lake Hylia. Talk to scarecrow closer to the water of the lake. He will ask you to play a song for him. Make up a song that is eight notes long, different from the other songs, and pretty easy to remember. I made my song Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left on the "C" buttons to represent the bases on a baseball field. I found that easy to remember. Play your song for the scarecrow and he will like it. Next, play this same song for the scarecrow that is farther from the water. He will sway in the wind and he will love it. Now, you must become an adult to actually learn the song. After you become an adult, come back to this same area near Lake Hylia. You will see only one scarecrow standing there. He will remember you and ask you to play the song for him again. He will still love it and will also tell you that if you play this song at certain points in the game, his scarecrow friend Pierre will help you out. There may have been spots in the game that you could not previously reach, yet you may have noticed that Navi the Fairy would turn green and hover near a certain spot. In situations like this, try playing the Scarecrow Song. Oftentimes, Pierre will appear and act as a post for your hookshot to grab onto.