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UPDATED 11/30/12 You can now find me at

***New Update***(11/14/05) I am sorry! This whole year I have been out of loop hole! I had been inspired to Model yet again and promise new Updates!
FIRST UPDATE: Read Updates on BLOG!

New November 2004 Photo Shoot with Stan Orlob!

My name is Yeva Danes, I am 23 years old and I live in the Northern Utah area. I have some Experience with Modeling such as Test Shoots and Pageants. And I am looking to gain more experience and explore different kinds of looks.

I PLAN TO CONTINUE WITH "TIME FOR PRINTS" WITH UTAH PHOTOGRAPHERS AND I DO PLAN ON WORKING FOR PAID ASSIGNMENTS WITH AGENCIES WHILE IN UTAH. Planning on being a Commercial Model and signing with an Reputable Agency on a "Non-Exclusive" Contract.

So I can keep doing my Freelance Work as a Model. If you have any Questions, Comments or Concerns E-Mail Me at

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"Success is not to be pursued; it is
to be attracted by the person we become."
--Jim Rohn

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