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CD Crack -Warcraft II CD check crack . Supports all known versions of War2.exe . It is for poor people , who don't have so much money to buy the CD , or for campaign builders , who are all the time bugged with CHANGE CD program request . Needs War2 to be installed .
Demo Upgrade -Have You ever played Warcraft II demo ? If so , You had to see how much the game is stripped and that the demo really won't tell anyone how great the full version is . So upgrade Your DEMO to FULL version by downloading this and only then test it . The main datafile is broken into three supporting ZIP archives listed below. Download them and read ALL Read_me's carefully before upgrading. You wanna download them in seperate files?--->File 1,File 2,File 3.
Warcraft II demo -A Warcraft 2 playable demo of the first three levels is available now from Blizzard!! Hurry, go download it!! Or you can download it in split up files 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
kalil -Allows a person to play over the internet as if they were playing on a IPX network. Alowing multiplayer games. Up to eight people at once.
PPP -The program needed to dial into a ppp acount through dos. Needed for Kali.
war2kali -Improves play over kali
BlindPUD v0.90 -Multiplayer PUD Generator
warmaker -a program that randomly generates puds.(based on what you want) Actually a pretty cool program.
Patch 1.4 -This is a patch for all you guyz with the original 1.0 version. This patch improves play over Kali, has color randomization, and fixes the exorcism bug (506k)
Win95 bug patch -this patch is for 1.3 to 1.5 users(Warcraft II without expa.) that fixes the "NOT ENOUGH MEMORY" Win95 bug.
Patch 1.5 -This is a patch for the Expansion Pack, Beyond the Dark Portal. Fixes compatibility issue with old saved games, adds Draenor tileset and new Heroes to the Map Editor. Note: only v1.5 can open PUD files containing the new Heroes (340k)
Win95 bug patch -this patch is for 1.0 to 1.4 users(Warcraft II w/ expa.) that fixes the "NOT ENOUGH MEMORY" Win95 bug.
Color Changer -Here is a text file that changes the color of your name in multi-player games (1k)
War2xed 6.54 -This is a dope map editor to edit pre-made scenarios (618k)
WarDraft 1.4a -This is the coolest editor for Warcraft II you can change just about everything in Warcraft II. I use this.
Editors Palletes -Editors Palletes for WarDraft very useful for editing GFX files
SMK player -SMK movie file player useful for viewing Warcraft II cut scenes in WarDraft
WCM 1.1 -Campaign Maker(included with
Knowledge Bases -You NEED these for WarDraft to make it easier to use
PUDDraft 0.96 beta -A way better and more advanced PUD editor for Warcraft II than the default one
PUDrest 1.2b -Lets you restrict things in your puds(It makes your puds alot better)
PUDImage 1.1 -makes Pud mini map pictures from your puds
Entry-278-Tools -For advanced editing of Warcraft II animation control program
UDTAed -This allows you to edit your units and works as a plugin for PUDDraft
UDTAed Lite 0.91a -This allows you to edit your units and works as a plugin for PUDDraft(I think a newer version I haven't tested it yet)
PUDMaster -Great editing Utility for MAC's
War2HACK -War2 exe editor to make your war2 do cool stuff
UDTAHack v3.0 b2 -Another great unit editor for War2 and also works as a plugin for PUDDraft
PUD browser v1.1 -Browses through your pud files and gives you various information (helps when putting your pud on a webpage)
WarSee v1.17a -With this tool You can browse Your PUD and SAV files and manipulate with them , this means copy , delete etc. , but not edit ! . Useful on large amount of PUDs or SAVs to choose the right one and to clear the bads . Can work with War2ed95 and PUDdraft !
WarSpell v1.20b -Powerful and very flexible utility to change various spell related things , like unit which is summoned by Eye of Kilrogg , damage of Blizzard spell or Invisibility duration . Now it can handle only version 1.33 but You can Yourself create a description for War2 exefile and let WarSpell process Your findings and work with them .
WarBuild v1.03a -This is an utility for ADVANCED EXE HACKERS . With tihs program You can simply work with Fixup Record Table and Build Your own executable files . With this program we reached the new level of War2 editing . Now is possible to insert Your code in War2.exe without any changes made to original Blizzard code , so all doors to new game are opened .
WarShare -Well , all of us programmers did create our tools as freeware and we didn't want for them anything . Our programs were made just for pleasure of us and people who are using our tools . But everything has exception . As You know CraftGen by SpiderWebb and War2Hacker by Shaft are shareware . With this program You can simply register Yourself and use these programs without paying authors their strange earned bloody money , which they require and by this way they misuse our favorite game and people who love it !
War2cmds -Almost anything is possible . Did You want to make farm train critters or Dark portal to train daemons ? Well , it couldn't be done , because the hadn't their own commands , which You could change with WarHack . This program will give all units their own CANCEL commands which You can then change with WarHack . Nothing more !
War2x -All changes free War2.exe version 1.33 for Warcraft II Expansion Set . If You don't have this most edited version of War2.exe , download it here .