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Mom (aka WonderWoman)'s Page

This is Mom's page... by day Wonderwoman.

About Mum

Mom is wonderwoman because she planned two weddings in one year, one for Meghan in December 2003, and one for Aubree in November 2004. That and she does a lont of other amazing stuff.
Mom has picked up a lot of habits from being a volunteer living history interpreter at Old Deseret Village at This is the Place state park in Salt Lake City, where she explains the daily life of a pioneer family in Utah in the 1800's to the tourists that come through. She worked there during the Olympics! She likes... Quilting... and spinning... and (gasp) knitting!!!

Mom's most recent project was "Operation: Adoption". She and Dad adopted our little Brother Vitaliy from Ukraine in October of 2003. She would love to talk to anyone who is going through the same thing, and would like to ask her stories, advice, anything!

<----yup, that's her!

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