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Bryce and Aubree Shelley

Coming soon...
Number Two!!!

Aubree graduated from Brigham Young University on April 28th, 2006!
She is finishing with a bachelors degree in Music Education.

Bryce and Aubree Shelley!
Married November 3rd, 2004
Manti, Utah Temple.

Aubree was a member of the BYU International Folk Dance Performing Arts Company!

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*Irish Dancers Kick Butt!*
Aubree's Homepage!

Click the following links to see Aubree in BYU's Christmas Around the World, the biggest folkdance concert of the year!
The Ladies Blur by as they Schottische the night away!
They display the scottish national costume.
AH! But even the laddies are up to the challenge!
We come through each other, like a tartan being woven,
Perform a traditional fling
Face that darn cute guy in a skirt... I mean, KILT,(yes, that would be hubby Bryce)
and finish with a twirl... stick it, girls!

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Aubree's Graduation Book from June 2000
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