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‘Thermometer guide’


thermometer   guide

distillation instruments









Anschütz thermometer

glass  thermometer, laboratory type and Anschuetz

Antimony thermometer

glass thermometer used in the steel industrie

ASTM thermometer

stem type glass thermometer acc to ASTM standard in C or F


measures the air pressure and show the weather changes.

Barometer thermometer hygrometer

combind instrument although as weatherstation

Beverages thermometer

glass thermometer to messure temperature in wine etc.

Bimetal thermometer

metal thermometer dial type

Brewery thermometer

glass thermometer floating type, enclosed scale type, red liquid

Candy thermometer

glass thermometer with wire fram

Clinical thermometer

medical thermometer glass with mercury or digital type

Dairy thermometer

glass thermometer used for milk

Dial thermometer

see bimetal thermometer

Digital hygrometer

electronical humidity meter

Digital indoor & out door thermometer

electronical thermometer to measure the out door and indoor temperature

Digital maximum minimum thermometer

electronical thermometer to measure the highest day and highest night temperature

Digital thermometer

electronical thermometer to measure the temperature

Digital thermo hygrometer

combined electronical thermometer & hygrometer for humidity

Digital rain meter

electronical rain gauge

Digital weatherstation

see weatherstation digital type

Distillation thermometer

glass thermometer specially made for home distillation and very correct at 78 C, made in 1 /1 or 1/5 division.

Enamel thermometer

big out door wall thermometer

Electronical pH meter

measure digital the acid or alkaline of an liquid

Enclosed scale thermometer

see general purpose thermometer

Floating thermometer

glass thermometer of diffrent use

Galileo thermometer

see thermometer Galileo Galilei

Garden thermometer

long thermometer weather resistent & easy to read = big numbers

Gardening thermometer

 garden thermometer and green house

General purpose thermometer

stem type or enclosed scale type thermometer with mercury or red liquid filling

Goethe barometer

glass type of barometer, works on liquid. In case  the air pressure goes up the liquid is pushed down and you can see it in the tube.

Indoor thermometer

see wall thermometer

Industrial thermometer

glass or metal thermometer used in different industries

climate thermometer

thermometer  & hygrometer for a good feeling in a room

Laboratory thermometer

glass thermometer enclosed scale type which are acc. to PTB specifications and very correct

Liquid crystal thermometer

thermometer sticker type

Low temperature thermometer

glass thermometer enclosed scle for temperature lower than -10 C

Mash thermometer

glass thermometer plastic frame

Maximum minimum thermometer

mercury type, measure the highest day and the hightest night temperature.

Maximum minimum thermometer

see digital maximum minimum thermometer

Maximum thermometer

glass thermometer you see the highest temperature - similar to medical thermometer glass.

Medical digital thermometer

see clinical thermometer but digital type

Mercury thermometer

glass thermometer with mercury filling

NS thermometer

ground join thermometer for distillation , glass  with enclose scale

pH meter

see electronical pH meter

Photo thermometer

glass type

Pocked thermometer

glass or plastic thermometer for general use

Pool thermometer

floating thermometer for pool

Radio controlled maxima minima thermometer

see digital maxima minima thermometer but radio controlled

Radio controlled thermo hygromer

see digital thermo hygromerer but radio controlled

Radio controlled weatherstation

see digital weatherstation but radio controlled

Room thermometer

see indoor thermometer

Sauna thermometer

bimetal or wall type

Stem thermometer

see general ouarose thermometer but stem type

Sterilisation thermometer

see maxima thermometer but for sterilisation

Spirit thermometer

glass thermometer red liquid filling - unpoisand

Sticker thermometer

see liquid crystal thermometer

Thermometer set

glass thermometer acc. to Anschuetz

Thermometer Galileo Galilei

glass liquid thermometer type Galileo with balls which whow the termperature

Wall thermometer

indoor or out door thermometer in wood, plastic or enamel


see digital weathersthation


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