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Vampyre Myths & Legends

There are many myths and legends about vampyres. "Vampyres are evil", "vampyres kill for sport." Some are true, some are not. Vampyres hunt to survive, but the cruel ones feed on humans. It is a little know fact that vampyres can have a full stomach off a few rats for days. And not all vampyres are evil either. Ever since Bram Stoker's "Dracula" was written, people have had the impression that all vampyres sneak into young women's bedrooms to feed. But the reason vampyres mostly feed off of the opposite sex is because it is much easier to charm them, instead of trying to convince a member of the same sex to take a walk with you. People's stereotypes of vampyres have not changed all that much in the last century, mainly because so many people make movies and books that portray vampyres as evil, cruel creatures. Most vampyres fit this description, but some don't. You see, when a human becomes a vampyre, they really do die, and their souls become trapped in limbo. There they wait, until either their body dies or their soul is called back to it's body. This is done with a Ritual of Restoration (no folks, it isn't some work of fiction from Buffy). After their body reclaims their soul, everything that can kill normal vampyres cannot hurt them. Things like sunlight, crosses, and holy water no longer affect them. There are drawbacks though. Even if a vampyre has reclaimed their soul, they still must feed off of living beings. Therefore, they have the option of eating rats or starving. Most vampyres choose rats. Some get so sad and lonely though, and try to end their lives by putting a stake through their own hearts. Unfortunately, this won't work because a mortal must do it. Some people believe that vampyres were created from Satan's minions, but it is not true in reality. The first vampyre was actually created before the last demon was slain. The demon knew it was going to die, so it stole a young woman from her bed one night and mixed it's blood with hers. She began to scream, and the demon thought it had killed her instead of passing it's evil onto her. Unfortunately, she awoke, but was no longer a woman. The demon tried to tame her, but she killed it and began to feed off of human blood. She bit one, and the other bit someone else, hence the creation of vampyres. I hope this has cleared up some misinterpretations you have had about them. If you want to learn more, I suggest you either rent "Interview With A Vampire" or read the "Vampire Chronicoles" by Anne Rice.

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