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How To Kill A Vampyre

Tools for killing vampyres

Killing vampyres is not as easy as it may sound. Keep in mind they are very quick, and sometimes are fluent in the martial arts. These are things you can do to kill a vampyre if you are ever unfortunate enough to get in one of their ways. First, just about anything sharp and wooden can kill a vampyre. But anything metal, like a rod or something like that, won't do anything but piss a vampyre off more. If they ever have you cornered and you are by a tree, you can break off a branch and get rid of them. But anytime after 3 a.m., this won't work because tree branches are nurtured by the rising sun, and sometimes all it does is give them a splinter. After 3, the best thing to use is a wooden stake. Second, if you can keep a vampyre cornered someplace dark until sunrise, more power to you. A crypt is a good place, because they usually have stone doors. This gets vampyres confused because they have no sense of time, and are not aware when the sun rises. If you scare them bad enough, they will run out in a panic, and then the sun will take care of the rest. But no matter how much they scream, you CANNOT let them back in. If you let them back in, they will kill you. Third, anything to do with God can kill them. The stake comes from the wood on the cross that Christ died on, which is why it has the effect it does on them. Holy water is extremely dangerous because it comes from a church and, as most people know, vampyres cannot stand anything that has to do with God. So in case you are ever unfortunate enough to run into them, remember what I told you here.

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