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Close Encounters

Encounter Locations

This is the section of my personal close encounters, and what I did to prevent myself from becoming one of the undead. I know you are probably thinking, "what a liar." I know it is pretty unbelievable to think that vampyres actually exist. Well, they do. And maybe one day they'll have dinner at your expense. Most people's interest in vampyres has rekindled from the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" series. Most of the things they talk about in that show are true, but some, very little but some, is fiction. Anyway, my first encounter with a vampyre occured in 1995. I was walking around the town at about midnight after seeing a movie. I was walking along College Ave because the 13 was out of order that night. I took a shortcut through an apartment complex, and as I was walking out a woman, who from what I could see was in her late teens, jumped on my back from the top of the building and knocked me to the ground. I had nothing on me but a lighter on me and I lit it, and set her arm on fire. She began to scream, and it was then that I finally saw her face. Her forehead had been lowered considerably, and she had her fangs out, ready to bite. After I lit her on fire she began to scream and claw at her arm, then ran off. I got up, dusted myself off and began to walk (or should I say "run") to the bus stop, looking over my shoulder most of the way. The next encounter occured in St. Louis during a trip I took with We Indians. We had gone to the Gateway Arch, and were then hanging out under it in the park. I wandered away and was stopped by a guy who told me he needed me to come with him because his car broke down. He grinned and it was then that I saw his teeth. They were not only pearly white, but he had fangs too. Well, I said sorry and walked back to the group. My latest encounter occured in California. I usually took a walk every night, and I had gotten lost in a neighborhood pretty close to where I was staying. This was the very first time I actually killed a vampyre. He jumped me and hit me, which knocked me unconscious. When I awoke, he was having dinner on me, and I was still woozy. Well, I lifted my head really fast, and made contact with his. He fell back and moaned while he held his head. I stood really quick and moved out of the way when he attacked me. Well, my foot was in the way, and the poor guy fell into a low tree branch. He didn't explode like most people think vampyres do. He just sort of vanished and turned to dust at the same time. Anyway, I suggest that when walking alone late at night, you be very careful. You never know what is lurking around the corner.

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