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I have composed the following as instruments in which one can excercise the knowledge gained in regards to our lessons...Mathematics, Alphabet, 1-10, 1-36, 1-14, 1-40, Actual Facts and Solar Facts. I have also included a test on one's knowledge of our Universal Flag as well as on the Father and our Nation's history. There is no time limit on this test for it is meant to develop, refine and hone one's understanding of 120. One should only deal with the test that is reflective of where one stands in their lessons....if you're in the 1-10 don't try to answer questions for the Actual Facts section, though you may be able, this is not the focus. Mathematically we ALWAYS build from knowledge to born so in all thing remain within the context and parameters established by that. These questions are in NO way all there is to understanding any component of our culture...borning universal truth, they will set you upon the path to engage in further and more in depth research.


1. What month, day and year was the Father born on?
2. In what city and state was he born in?
3. At what age did the Father migrate to New York? in what year was that?
4. What was the name of the woman whom the father had his first seeds by?
5. In what year did the father enter the service? and what branch was it?
6. How many brothers and sisters did he have?
7. What war did he see action in?
8. As a result did he receive any commendations? If so for what?
9. What skills did he also acquire while in the service?
10.When did he enter the Nation of Islam? and what or who prompted him to do so?
11.In what year did he receive his attribute "Abdullah" from Elijah Muhammad?
12.Why was The Father expelled from the Nation of Islam?
13.Who left the temple with him and remained with him for the remainder of his life?
14.What is year one for the Nation of Gods and Earths?
15.Name the nine first Borns.
16.Why was the Father placed in Mattawan? and what year was that?
17.When was the first attempt made on his life and by whom?
18.When did the Father return to the essence and what were the circumstances surrounding his death?
19.When was the first Show and prove held? how about the first Universal Parliment?


1. How many degrees are between each short point? Between each long and short point?
2. What color should the moon be? and why?
3. How many points should be on the seven? and why?
4. How many total points are on the flag? How do you cee that?
5. Should any portion of the moon rise above the seven? Why?
6. In what year was the flag manifested and by whom?
7. Give two things that the eight points represent.


1. Explain briefly in your own words the meaning of "In the Name of Allah".
2. Write a short history of Supreme Mathematics.
3. Explain what is Mathematics.
4. What is meant by "Mathematics is the truth and can only be used by the Sun of Man?"
5. What makes up Mathematics?
6. Explain briefly what is living Mathematics.
7. What is the mathematical science of self-creation?
8. Why does mathematics go from knowledge to born?
9. What is the natural order of mathematics and what would happen if wisdom were place before knowledge?
10.Explain briefly the nine laws of mathematics.
11.Write a manifestation which includes within itself every mathematical unit of Living mathematics.
12.What are the essential life forces of Mathematics?
13.Write the name of at least 12 sciences which are ramifications of Mathematics.
14.Why is mathematics the key of life?
15.Explain the mathematics of 360 degrees.
16.What is the meaning of "Bio-chemical reconstructive terms of mathematics?"
17.Explain briefly why one must know the day's mathematics.


1. Explain briefly in your own words the meaning of "Supreme Alphabets".
2. What is the meaning of language of God?
3. What makes up the Supreme Alphabets?
4. What does wisdom one's knowledge mean?
5. What does the language God use indicate?
6. What does A-Z knowledge born mean to you?
7. Write a brief autobiography of your God/Earth self.
8. List three sources for increasing one's vocabulary.


1. How do you cee the words Original, Asiatic, Maker, Owner and Cream of the Planet Earth?
2. How do you cee "Colored"?
3. What is meant by the term "Grafted"?
4. Explain briefly the origin of the word Caucasian.
5. If the Indians are also original people, why is their population given separately?
6. What is the ratio of Colored People to Original People all over the planet Earth?
7. How does one arrive at the total square miles of the planet Earth?
8. What is the useful land that is used everyday by the Original Man?
9. What are TWO examples of the useful land that is used everyday by the Colored Man?
10.Show and prove Buddhism to be 35,000 years old.
11.What is the PRESENT age of Buddhism?
12.What is the year of birth for Christianity? and who was responsible for making it so?


1. Who is W.F. Muhammad?
2. What is the birth date of W.F. Muhammad?
3. What is his father's name? his mother's name?
4. What date is 379 years from the date of THAT writing (the 1-36)?
5. Who exactly was the slave trader, and how did he go about his task of bring the Uncle over here?
6. Who is W.F. Muhammad's uncle and exactly why is he his uncle?
7. What is his uncle's own language?
8. What are some methods and tactics the devil used to put fear in them when the where little boys?
9. What are some examples of the "wrong foods"?
10.What is the above question number 10?
11.Who exactly are the Muslim sons referred to in the knowledge god degree?
12.Exactly what happened 60 years ago from the date of that writing?


1. Why do we say Musa is Half Original?
2. What is a prophet?
3. Exactly how many square inches are there on the planet Earth?
4. Why do we say Columbus was Half Original?
5. Why were the Indians exiled from India 16,000 years ago from the date of that writing?
6. What date was that when the Indians were exiled?
7. When was Yacub born physically?
8. When did he return to the essence?
9. How long were the devils in the root of civilization causing trouble amongst the righteous before we ran them out?
10.If Yacub was an Original Blackman and the Father of the devil...Does that make him a devil? Explain.
11.What date was 6,019 years ago from the date of that writing?
12.Why is Yacub said to have been run across the Hot Arabian Desert? Was he alive at that time?
13.Name some methods used to master the Original Man?
14.What is Jebus, Salem and Oriel?
15.Exactly who took the city from the Devil, what date was 750 years ago from the date of that writing and also what major event was taking place?
16.Name some methods the devil uses to keep our people blind to themselves?
17.When did Asia begin to be called Africa?
18.When was the prophet Muhammad born? When was Elijah Muhammad Born?
19.If you have heard that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what...is it necessary to say "Word is Bond!", "That's my Word!", or even "I promise"?
20.How do you cee the "Fruit of Islam"?
21.Who is the Capt? who is the Lieut? and who are the private soldiers?
22.Should the education of the Blackwoman be limited to those topics in the knowledge culture degree?


1. It is said the Qur-an will expire in the year 25,000, 9,080 years from the date of that writing...do the math, is that correct? if not why?
2. How do you find the circumference of the planet Earth?
3. Show and prove on the total weight of our planet.
4. Show and prove our planet travels at the speed of 1,037 1/3 mph.
5. The above speed refers to what motion?
6. What science deals with rain, hail and snow? and what science deals with earthquakes?
7. Name the different parts of the Earth's atmosphere.
8. Exactly how far does the Earth's atmosphere extend?
9. How fast does the Earth travel around the Sun?
10. Answer the question to the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th degrees using the mathematics of each said degree.
11.What is meant by "blood suckers of the poor"? how do the 10% suck blood from the poor?
12.If a cizilived person do not perform his duty, what is the severe punishment he/she will receive?
13.Give a brief biography of Yacub. Including birth and death dates.
14.How do you cee "born twenty miles outside the Holy City of Mecca"?
15."Who was the founder of un-like attract and a-like repel" is the wisdom knowledge degree in the 1-40, add on to how you cee that.
16.What are some other of Yacub's rules and regulations that are not mentioned in the wisdom build degree?
17.It tells us in the wisdom born degree that Yacub didn't build prison houses to imprison his people..why were they built then?
18.Does the brain weigh seven and one half ounces? IF it doesn't then why is that said?
19.It is said that we cannot reform the devil, so he must be taken off the planet. How do we go about doing so?
20.It is said the devil's civilization expired in the year 1914...did it end then? if not why? and when will it?
21.What is the exact number of years, months and days of YOU being birthed on the planet.
22.How do you cee "I fast and pray" in the understanding born degree?


1. How are the measurements obtained for the oceans?
2. How deep is each ocean?
3. Why are not the seven seas mentioned in this lesson?


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