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Warning: You have entered the territory of Lady Thundera.  Be prepared for surprising revelations.
Thundercat Soaps
A few months after the episode "Book of Omens," the Thundercats discover life still isn't a bed of roses as they are thrown into Lady Thundera's twisting soap opera relationships.
Parts 1-6
Parts 7-9
Parts 10-11
Parts 12-14
Parts 15-18
Parts 19-22
Parts 23-25
Parts 26-28
Parts 29-30
Part 31
Parts 32-33
Parts 34-37
Parts 38-41
Parts 42-43
Parts 44-47
Parts 48-50
Parts 51-54
Parts 55-57
Parts 58-60
Parts 61-64
Parts 65-67
Part 68
Part 69-70
Part 71-73
Part 74-75
Part 76-78
Part 79-81
Part 82-85
Part 86-89
Updated 10/14/01

Behind the Cartoon: The Thundercats Story
Once again, Lady Thundera explores the personal lives of the Thundercats, but in a different setting.  And even I get a part!  So read on to find out what the Thundercats were REALLY like.

Return of Dracula
With the return of the infamous Count Dracula, Third Earth and the Thundercats face a foe and a challenge more dangerous than any they've faced before.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

A Christmas Carol
Lady Thundera retells the classic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge Thundercat style.  And with the help of RD, Tatiana, Fianna, Cheezey, and me!

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