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Purevjav Dugersuren's Baptism

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Purevjav Dugersuren is the newest edition to our Mongolian member family. She was baptized Saturday, June 14, 2003 in the Annapolis, Maryland stake center by one of the return missionaries that served in Mongolia, Vann Rolfson. Ariuntulga Tserendavaa and Carl Sticht witnessed as the baptism was appropriately performed in Mongolian. Punjee was successfully baptized the first time (even though it wasn't looking like she would go down all the way!). It was a very spiritually uplifting moment.

Punjee has been taking care of a woman here who she has been staying with, Vashti Holt. She was kind enough to allow the missionaries teach the discussions to Punjee. There was even a Sister missionary from Mongolia that helped Punjee learn the discussions, Sister Ariuntungulag. Sis. Ari's brother Ariuntulga, who served his mission in Washington state, flew out for the baptismal service and to accompany Sis. Ari home the next day, as the baptism was one of the last things in her official capacity of a full time missionary. Excellent timing and coordination for the baptism to take place the way it did was another sign that the Lord can make miracles happen and bring those together necessary for His ordinances to be performed in accordance to His work.

Punjee is to be confirmed today (Sun. June 15) in the Annapolis, Maryland ward. Punjee will be a great addition to the Church, both here in America, and in Mongolia as well.

Photos taken at the baptism and the baptismal program itself

Sticht, Purevjav, Sis. Ariuntungulag, Ariuntulga, and Rolfson

The new addition's here are Gracie Sticht (baby) and Vashti Holt

(from left to right, top to bottom) Carl, Gracie and Chrystie Sticht; Purevjav and Sis. Ariuntungulag; Vann and Jody Rolfson; Ariuntulga; and Vashti Holt

(Note: Carl Sticht also participated in the Special Number: I am a Child of God)

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