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Fri., May 26, 2000

New Release for May 26

There's only one movie opening wide this weekend, and compared to the other films that have been released in previous weeks, it doesn't threaten the competition. It is the new Jackie Chan western-comedy, Shanghai Noon.

In Jackie's second made-for-U.S.-audiences film, he teams up with a train robber, Owen Wilson (Armageddon, The Haunting), to rescue a kidnapped Chinese princess, Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal). This film is Jackie's follow-up to his 1998 smash, Rush Hour with Chris Tucker. He is hoping to do the same thing with this movie as he did the last one.

Mission: Impossible II, which opened Wednesday, has already done tremendous business being released on 3600+ screens. It is sure to knock Dinosaur out of the number 1 spot at the box office, but will it really go the distance? Many Tom Cruise and John Woo fans are dedicated to making it so. Even though for the most part, all audiences agree that they think the action sequences of this one are too convoluted and implausible, they still agree that it's a must see. (For my opinion, you can check out the review.)

In the end, for M:I2, the ultimate, burning question will be should they make a third? The box office will determine that.

-Carl Sticht

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