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Carl and Chrystie's First Date in South Carolina

Chrystie and I got engaged after knowing each other for only four months, at which time I proposed Aug. 16, 1999, after being in SC just a week meeting Chrystie for the first time in person. We were married at the Mt. Timpanogas LDS temple on Jan. 4, 2000, and had a reception in Utah and an open house down in South Carolina.

We honeymooned down in our favorite vacation spot, Orlando, FL, where we enjoyed both Disneyworld and Universal Islands of Adventure.

We are still very much in love with each other and can see the Lord's hand in our lives. We have been blessed with a wonderful family, and we know we will be happy together for the rest of time and all of eternity. We would like to thank our family and friends for all the love and support that they have given us!

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