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Follow this link, if it looks good to you sign up. This link show I refered you and I will get money. I feel this will give me an extra push to update this site. If it doesn't look good, forget about it. Thanks

Last updated 12/13/99

12/13/99- Howdy y'all, well I added on link and removed one. Let me know if you have a site (or know of one) thats not on my list. Still looking for a logo, send one in and it'll get posted.
I've got finals this week, then I'm heading home for xmas break. I would like to throw a bunch of stuff on the page prior to leavin again for about 2 weeks. Send in pics, logos, interesting mixed drinks, or songs you want tabs for, links, stories, anything you feel would be interesting.

12/9/99- Added some Poltzs dates, but I don't have confirmation so if anyone does email me. I also really would like a logo for the page, make one and I'll post it. Thanks

12/7/99- Hey, new updates just in time for guess what...A RUGBURNS SHOW!!! look in the shows section for the date and location (hint: in San Diego). It looks as if Steve will be playing solo as well, the way it should be. The show is 21+ and tix are 13 bucks at ticketmaster or at the door.
If you wanna design a picture for the page thats great, send them in, maybe if i get alot I'll post them and take a vote. I can offer much in exchange except a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I don't think anyone wants that so....I can give you credit for it though.

12/6/99- Hi Everybody (hi Dr Nick)!!! OK I've been planing on making this page work on a limited basis.
1)I'm gonna focus on Guitar Tabs, but when I get real news, (not hey jewel might be playing a show on some dumb TV show so watch it and see steve maybe for 5 seconds) but Album Info or Tour info I will post it.
2) I would also like to have some sort of Dicks Automotive logo to proudly display on the start of this page.
3) In order to motivate me to maintain this page on a steady basic I will be posting a link to All Advantage on the page. If you find this page, interesting or helpful it would be greatly appreciated if you signed up for it. If your not currently signed up for it, Its a good way for you to make a few bucks a month on the internet.
4) I have to finish a paper tonight, so I will post these things tommorrow. If you create a logo by all means send it to me...I lookin for something along the lines of a little kids drawing...nothing fancy...
Thats all for now

The Salt Lake City Show

Let me start off by telling you the back ground. When I found out that Steve was playing in Salt Lake (only for the second time) I was exstatic. I had not see him since I moved out here over a year ago. So I ran out and bought my ticket later that day. As I'm driving home I see on the ticket "Must be 21." I just about went insane (since I was just 18). I swore the entire trip home. So as I got home I emailed a friend of Steves, and told him this dilema. So he called Steve up and told him all about it. He said Steve was gonna try and help me get in. I was to go down to the concert and tell them I was their to sell Steves shirts and stuff. So I managed to get in...Whaaa Whoooo!!!
So I go down before the show and meet up with Steve. I helped them set up and talk with steve about the tour and what he plans on playing what not. He said all the shows have been great except the Eugene show had a small turn out. He gave me an Autograph "Philip, thanks for the 8 ball of coke, your pal steve poltz". Steve then got ahold of his Juiceman Jr. and became exstatic. He was walkin around singing its name as loud as he could and gave me the infomercial on it. He made me a drink which was...interesting...but Steve loved the stuff. Steve then went back to his hotel and took a nap and I hung out at the club.
Pete Droge played and he was awesome, then Steve came on...the set was as follows
  • Salt Lake City Show (improv)
  • Dog Doo Blues Take #48 (answering machine song)
  • Holliston Street
  • Good Morning
  • I'm gonna UPS my heart next day to you
  • I love to Kiss Truman Cappotti's Picture(Claimed to be the first time ever played)
  • You Were Ment for Me (Told the story of his and Jewels trip to mexico, and the story about the train)
  • One Left Shoe
  • Red Corvette
    The Set rocked, he told some great stories in between songs. He talked about how he lived in Salt Lake for 2 months and loved to ski Alta. The crowded loved it for the most part..but they were all their to see Glen.
    After the show I met up with Steve and we talked about the show. He told me like 5 times he was glad that I got to see the show. He offered me a beer but it was getting late and I had to work in the morning so I had to turn it down. We talked a while longer and he introduced me as his cousin to everyone that approached him. I would have played along but I was tired as hell so I could only say like "hi hows it going"..stuff like that, well that was my evening, it kicked ass. If I think of anything else I'll added it on later....