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"Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice." ~ M.L. King, Jr.

The Foundation For Spreading Peace or FSP for short, is a trade alliance established within the 'play-by-email' science fiction game To Boldly Go.

The main objective of the alliance is to remain a respected force amongst the TBG community whilst offering advice and assistance to all peaceful starships, which extends to making a stand against those who attempt to pervert the path of peace or jeopardize the rights of free trade.

By sharing each individual members turn information amongst the alliance we have built up a substantial database to aid us in our quest. This database consists of vast amounts of information on each location in the TBG universe and is available to all FSP members.

Armed with the ability to view potential trading locations, current cargo prices, available adventures, active password fragments etc... both novice and veteran members have the chance to focus on the development of their starships whilst enjoying the comparative protection that the alliance offers.

We are currently accepting new members subject to our Constitution and Contract. However, we are unlikely to accept established players or those belonging to other alliances.

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