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Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning

   Peyton Manning is the greatest player ever to play for Tennessee. The records and memories he has given us speak for themselves. But Peyton was more than a player. He completed his undergraduate work in three years, and achieved the best GPA in his field of study. Peyton was so well-known on the field that it carried over off the field. He holds the unofficial record for autographs signed, visiting hospitalized children, and just generally lending a helping hand. He's not just a great athlete like Charles Woodson or Deion Sanders, but a true and genuine person. There's nothing phony about Peyton Manning. He's earned every bit of the respect and attention he recieves.

Peyton's Records and Stats
Career: 1381 att. 863 comp. 11,201 yds. 62.5% 89 TDs
UT-Single Game Attempts: 65 vs Florida 1996
UT-Single Game Completions: 37 vs Florida 1996
UT-Single Game Passing Yardage: 523 vs Kentucky 1997
UT-Season Attempts: 380/1996
UT-Season Completions: 477/1997
UT-Season Passing Yardage: 3819/1997
SEC-Career Completion Percentage 62.5 (863 of 1381) 1994-1997
SEC-Season Comlpletion Percentage 64.2 (244 of 380) 1995

   Peyton Manning was college football. You couldn't ask more from a player in the sport. He was an avid student of the game and excelled tremendously at it. And he was always looking for ways to improve. Nothing that the football media world had to offer could reward Manning for his efforts. Not even the Heisman Trophy, which, in 1997 was given to a guy from Michigan who we saw play in a couple of games and vanish into thin air. Though Woodson got the trophy, Manning is the one who will be remembered for all the great plays, great wins, and great deeds that the gentleman son of Archie Manning brought to all of us.

Peyton's Morning Prayer
My blood runs orange
Yes siree
My blood runs orange
Straight through me.

Early morning
Once again,
Tell me when
The game begins

I want so bad
To taste the field
To run so fast
And never yield

To hear the screams
To hear the sighs
To feel the blood
In my thighs

To make the goal
To do that dance
Oh please God
Just one chance.

To grit my teeth
To feel the pain
To get all muddy
In the rain

To hear the crowd's
Familiar cheer
For their favorite

Their loyalty
Outlasts the day
Especially those
Who want to play.

But it is me
The chosen one
With the reflecting helmet
In the sun.

Not only a game
A way of life
To the simple man
An exuberant wife

This game is all
The world to me
My only chance
To feel so free

My blood runs orange
Yes siree
My blood runs orange
Straight through me

Vols in the College Football Hall of Fame
Vols in the College Football Hall of Fame

Doug Atkins
Elected 1985
End, 1950-52
All-America, 1952
FWAA SEC Player of the Quarter Century

George Cafego
Elected 1969
Tailback, 1937-39
All-America, 1938-39

Steve DeLong
Elected 1993
Middle Guard 1962-64
All-America 1963-64
Outland Trophy Winner, 1964
Bobby Dodd
Elected 1959
Quarterback, 1928-1930
All-America, 1930

Nathan Dougherty
Elected 1967
Guard, 1906-09
All-Southern 1907-08
All-Time FWAA SEC Player

Beattie Feathers
Elected 1955
Halfback, 1931-33
All-America, 1933
SEC MVP 1933

Herman Hickman, Jr.
Elected 1959
Guard, 1929-31
All-America, 1931
All-Time FWAA All-SEC

Bob Johnson
Elected 1989
Center, 1965-67
All-America 1966-67
Academic All-America 1967

Johnny Majors
Elected 1987
Tailback, 1954-56
All-America, 1956
Heisman Runner-up 1956 All-Time FWAA SEC team Coach of the Year 1976
Hank Lauricella
Elected 1981
Tailback, 1949-51
All-America, 1951
Heisman Runner-up 1951

Gene McEver
Elected 1954
Halfback, 1928-29, 1931
All-America, 1929
NCAA Scoring Champion 1929

John Michels
Elected 1996
Offensive Guard, 1950-52
All-America, 1952
All-SEC 1951-52

Ed Molinski
Elected 1990
Guard, 1938-40
All-America 1939-40
FWAA SEC Player of the Quarter Century

Gen. Robert Neyland
Elected 1956
Head Coach, 1926-52
National Champions, 1951
Record 173-32-12

Bob Suffridge
Elected 1961
Guard, 1938-40
All-America, 1939-40
All-Time FWAA All-America

C. Bowden Wyatt
Elected 1972 (as a player)
Elected 1997 (as a coach)
End, 1936-38
All-America, 1938
FWAA SEC Player of the Quarter Century

NCAA Consensus All-America Vols
NCAA Consensus All-America Vols
   The players pictured below were accorded a majority of the votes at their positions by the selectors and are thus recognized by the NCAA as a consensus All-America. Tennessee has had 25 such selections.

100 Years Team 1891-1991
100 Years Team 1891-1991


Wide Recievers

Willie Gault (1979-82)

Stanley Morgan (1973-76)

Larry Seivers (1974-76)


Tim Irwin (1977-80)

Bruce Wilkerson (1983-86)


Harry Galbreath (1984-87)

Eric Still (1986-89)


Bob Johnson (1965-67)


Condridge Holloway (1972-74)

Running Backs

Reggie Cobb (1987-89)

Curt Watson (1969-71)

Hank Lauricella (1949-51)

Johnny Majors (1954-56)

Place Kicker

Fuad Reveiz (1981-84)


Doug Atkins (1950-52)

Dale Jones (1983-86)


Reggie White (1980-83)

Marion Hobby (1986-89)

Middle Guard

Steve DeLong (1962-64)


Keith DeLong (1985-88)

Steve Kiner (1967-69)

Jack Reynolds (1967-69)

Defensive Backs

Bill Bates (1979-82)

Eddie Brown (1971-73)

Roland James (1976-79)

Bobby Majors (1969-71)


Craig Colquitt (1975-77)

Kick Returner

Willie Gault (1979-82)

The Great Vol Wide Recievers
The Great Vol Wide Recievers
   Tennessee has produced more talent at the position of Wide Reciever than at any other position and arguably, any other college team! Tennessee has become known as "Wide Reciever U," especially among the NFL who has seen such UT standouts as Willie Gault, Tim McGee, and Alvin Harper continue their winning agendas with their professional programs. Most recently, speedsters Joey Kent and Marcus Nash have carried the torch and continued this yet another great Tennessee tradition.

Career Reception Leaders

1. Joey Kent (1993-96) no. 183 yards 2814 TDs 25

2. Marcus Nash (1994-97) no. 177 yards 2447 TDs 20

3. Peerless Price (1995-98) no. 147 yards 2298 TDs 19

4. Thomas Woods (1986-89) no. 124 yards 1615 TDs 7

5. Tim McGee (1982-85) no. 123 yards 2042 TDs 15

6. Larry Seivers (1973-76) no. 117 yards 1924 TDs 8

7. Craig Faulkner (1990-93) no. 110 yards 1705 TDs 9

8. Carl Pickens (1989-91) no. 109 yards 1705 TDs 9

9. Anthony Hancock (1978-81) no. 106 yards 1826 TDs 12

10. Jermaine Copeland (1995-98) no. 103 yards 1361 TDs 10

11. Alvin Harper (1987-90) no. 102 yards 1547 TDs 16

Reida & Brian's Top 10 Favorite Recievers
according to who we think were the best at their position

1. Peerless Price
2. Carl Pickens
3. Alvin Harper
4. Joey Kent
5. Tim McGee
6. Marcus Nash
7. Anthony Morgan
8. Willie Gault
9. Stanley Morgan
10. Anthony Miller
Honorable Mention: Thomas Woods