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Vols In The NFL, 1999
Vols In The NFL, 1999

   We see them come and go from college to pro stars. Some go to play in other leagues, but this page will only show the former Vols who play in the NFL. Did you know that we have had 41 players taken to NFL draft in the last 4 years? Wow! 12 were first round picks, and the man pictured on the left was the first player taken in the 1998 draft. In the decade of the 90s, no one has put more talent into the pros than the University of Tennessee. I think I have the list up to date, but if not please email Reida to fix the problems. Our goal is to have a picture of each player on here. If you have a pic of any of these guys (preferably an action pic and not a mugshot) please send it to Brian.

Former Tennessee QB Peyton Manning continues his winning tradition in Indianapolis. His orange blood has led Indy from worst to first in the NFL.

Denver Broncos

Trey Teague (OL)
1998-7th round

Tori Noel (DB)

Al Wilson (LB)
1999-1st round

Dale Carter (DB)
1992-1st round
Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning (QB)
1998-1st round

Corey Gaines (DB)
1998-7th round*

Tom Myslinski (OG)
1992-4th round

Shane Bonham (DT)
1994-3rd round
Jacksonville Jaguars

James Stewart (RB)
1995-1st round

Dave Thomas (DB)
1993-7th round

Corey Terry (DE)
1999-7th round

Jarvis Reado (DT)
Atlanta Falcons

Chuck Smith (DE)
1992-2nd round

Eric Lane (RB)

Ben Talley (DE)
1995-4th round*
Baltimore Ravens

Jay Graham (RB)
1997-3rd round

DeRon Jenkins (DB)
1996-2nd round

Marcus Nash (WR)
1998-1st round
Green Bay Packers

Raleigh McKenzie (C)
1985-11th round

Jonathan Brown (DL)
1998-3rd round*

Ron Davis (DB)
1995-6th round*
Buffalo Bills

Peerless Price (WR)
1999-2nd round

Shawn Bryson (RB)
1999-3rd round

Mercedes Hamilton (G)
Tennessee Titans

Joey Kent (WR)
1997-2nd round

Jason Layman (OG)
1996-2nd round
St. Louis Rams

Leonard Little (LB)
1998-3rd round

Jermaine Copeland
Philidelphia Eagles

Bubba Miller (OG)

Aaron Hayden (RB)
1995-4th round*
Arizona Cardinals

J.J. McCleskey (WR)

Andy McCullough (WR)
1998-7th round*
Chicago Bears

Raymond Austin
1997-5th round

Shane Burton (DT)
1996-5th round
New York Giants

Scott Galyon (LB)
1996-6th round

Jeremy Lincoln (DB)
1992-3rd round
Cincinatti Bengals

Carl Pickens (WR)
1992-2nd round
San Francisco 49ers

Charlie Garner (RB)
1994-2nd round
New Orleans Saints

Alvin Harper (WR)
1991-1st round*
Kansas City Chiefs

Jeff Smith (OG)
1996-7th round
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Steve White (DE)
1996-6th round
Seattle Seahawks

Steve Johnson (DB)
1999-6th round*
San Diego Chargers

Chris Mims (DE)
1992-1st round*
Miami Dolphins

Tom Hutton (P)
Detroit Lions

Terry Fair (DB)
1998-1st round
Cleveland Browns

Bill Duff (DT)
Washington Redskins

Jeff Hall (PK)
1999-6th round*
New York Jets

Tyrone Hines (LB)

* indicates player is currently a free agent and is not currently listed on the team's roster, pending re-sign or transfer.