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Tennessee Art & Multimedia
Tennessee Art & Multimedia

Brian's UT Art

Recent Work
Cedrick Wilson98 Champions drawing1998 National Champions poster1997 SEC Champions poster-drawing1997 SEC Champs poster
   Here's my UT art from the past 2 seasons. Two of these are collages I done on the computer, but the others were hand-drawn. My latest is the one on the left, and it is of Cedrick Wilson. I drew it completely from memory!

Vintage UT art
1991: Chuck Smith & Chris Mims1993: Charlie Garner1991: Carl Pickens1991: Mose Phillips & Mark Adams1996: Manning and friends1994: WR Billy Williams1991: Chuck Smith1991: Greg Amsler1991: Andy Kelly1991: James Stewart1990: Chuck Webb1994: Heath Shuler - autographed
   These are some of my formative drawings done back in the early '90s when I was in high school. They were very popular among my classmates and I sold a few of these. Looking at these after having seen more recent drawings of mine shows how far I've come since then. Many of my better UT drawings were sold so unfortunatly this is all I have to show here =(

   Show your Tennessee spirit by customizing your Winamp media player with this new skin created by Brian himself. Just download this 107k ZIP file and follow the directions inside. Ain't got Winamp yet? Download it here.

MPEG Video Clips
   Here's the greatest plays of the undefeated 1998 season!!! Complete with John Ward calling the action! THE FUMBLEARKANSAS: QB fumbles, Billy Ratliffe recovers it for UT 536k

kickoff return puts the final nail in Bama's coffinALABAMA: 100-yard kickoff return by Price 1.8mb

Auburn QB fumbles, returned for a Tennessee TDAUBURN: QB fumbles, Ellis returns it for TD 1.08mb

*** Special Gator Section =) ***

64-yard TD scamper stuns GatorsFLORIDA: Bryson darts up the middle for a TD 648k

Al Wilson and friends cause QB fumbleFLORIDA: Al Wilson and company cause Gator QB to fumble 536k

Coleman sacks QBFLORIDA: Coleman streaks through the line and sacks QB 326k

Awesome TD catch by PriceFLORIDA: 30-yard TD pass from Martin to Price 696k

Kick-ass interception by GrantFLORIDA: Deion Grant intercepts QB 490k

WIDE LEFT!FLORIDA: Overtime FG attempt goes wide left! 994k

Knoxville is rockin!FLORIDA: 20-17! Goalposts come down! 808k


Champ who?GEORGIA: Champ Bailey's trick HB pass intercepted by Grant 720k

Deion Grant againSOUTH CAROLINA: QB passes, reciever fumbles, recovered by Grant 450k

Screen pass to PriceSOUTH CAROLINA: Screen pass to Price, 75-yard run for TD 672k

Incredible TD run by BrysonHOUSTON: Martin dumps pass to Bryson, 65-yard TD run 1mb

A 1-handed catch by Price!KENTUCKY: Price catches a pass with one hand! 672k

Give him 8!KENTUCKY: Bryson jukes past UK defender for a 2-point conversion 400k

60-yard TD catch by WilsonKENTUCKY: Wilson grabs a 60-yard pass in the end zone 438k

KENTUCKY: Martin scrambles 35 yards for a TD 426k

Price almost has to run over referee to scoreKENTUCKY: Short pass to a double-covered Price results in 70 yard TD run 794k

Vandy just can't get it goin...VANDY: QB completes pass, reciever fumbles, Ramseur runs it in for TD 610k

Darwin can run!VANDY: RB fumbles, Walker scoops it up and takes it to the goaline 574k

Quicktime Movies
   You can still download the old video clips of the Vols in action in '97. All files are under 1mb.
Cory Gains: intercepts UCLA pass for TD Manning: TD pass to Copeland in Bama double coverage Manning: long TD pass to Nash vs Kentucky Manning: trick QB sneak/TD pass vs Georgia

NCAA Football 98

Brian's Notes
   Every college football fan with a PC should have this groundbreaking game by EA Sports. All Division 1A teams are featured, including all of the teams in the SEC! Florida and Tennessee seem to be the most powerful teams. I've beaten every top 10 team with Tennessee, even Florida! (Although Florida has beaten me a couple of times). Neyland Stadium is reproduced very well, even though they forgot to add the new addition that was put on in '96. When you score, the band plays the fight song instead of Rocky Top, but its still cool. My favorite thing about this game is the instant replay feature. Whenever you make a kickass play, you can save it and watch it again and again, from any angle. I will be adding more movies on here soon showing some of the great plays I have made with Tennessee against our rival teams.

Great plays from NCAA 98

Manning to Price: game-winning TD pass vs Bama with 2 secs left 920k GIF

Terry Fair: prevents Auburn TD with interception 776k GIF