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The Dead Hush of Night...


Did you escape them? You can't tell. Your heart pounds; your eyes dart about. Are they gone or are they still following your path of fear? You sit on a rock, but stand again. If you rest, all you think about is the soft pad of their feet as they stalk you, covertly planning your demise. You imagine yourself cut and bloodied, with your inners now your outers. You gag. The adrenaline roars up again as you hear a twig snap. You gasp and run.

"Hey! Hey, hold on!" it is a raspy voice. You stop, but are afraid to view its owner. What if it's one of...them? You tremble and quake in terror as you turn to face the one who adressed you.

You see.

You scream.

You pass out.


Sunlight rushes over you, filling your body with warmth. It is welcome to your cold, fearful flesh. You awaken, to see a nose merely inches from your face. You scramble backwards, and jar your shoulders on a rock. The creature that was previously scrutinizing you appears just as surprised as you. Its head pulls back, regarding you with a wary gaze.

"You won't hurt me...right?" The thing asks you.

"You...won't hurt me, right?" You query in return.

"Why would I want to hurt you?" It is confused.

"Why would I want to hurt you?" You ask again, equally as befuddled.

"'re a...human...?" The thing rasps.

"So what if I am?" You blink.

"Humans...try to kill us. They made us - now they want to kill us. My Mum says humans are bad." The thing is scared of you. Its eyes widen, and it pivots until its back faces you, "They're coming back..." its voice holds forboding.

"Who's coming back?"

"Them..." its voice trembles. Something rustles in the trees.

Three forms leap from the ferns. They watch you and your companion with keen, hungry interest. You whirl, as you hear another form appearing behind you. You nearly faint again. It's huge! The big creature breezes past you, pouncing at the smaller things that you believed were preparing to attack. They scatter, EEP!ing as they scramble into the brush. The large creature turns to you and regards you skeptically.

"Come with me," she (you could swear it was female) snarls.