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Thank-you for purchasing LogicWorks! Version 4 brings you the same easy-to-use circuit drawing and simulation features that have made earlier versions so popular, plus a completely new look and many new features.

We hope you enjoy using the package!


To install LogicWorks 4 on your system, just run the installer program called LogicWorks 4 Setup directly from the CD by double-clicking on it. It will lead you through the simple installation process.

Technical Support

For defective materials or installation problems, you can contact the Technical Support department at Addison Wesley Longman Publishing at (800) 677-6337 8AM-5:00PM CST.

For technical issues regarding program operation, contact your instructor or teaching assistant, or check the on-line help available on the LogicWorks On-line Support Page.

Free Upgrades, Add-Ons, Help and Support On-line

Our LogicWorks Web Site is being constantly expanded and gives you instant access to the latest version patches, FAQs, extra symbol libraries, optional add-ons for sale, etc. Check back regularly, or sign up for our mailing list to be notified automatically when new stuff becomes available.