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Our Net Friends Page

Love to you all

This page is dedicated to one of my best friends, Brenda Cameron

It was four months back that I got my internet access. It was an exciting and pleasant experience to surf the web for the first time. Internet has brought the world quite closer. Internet communication is another tool which have brought the people closer. A lot of persons out there wanting to talk to one another and share common interests and in the process making friends. These friends are made without any limitations of political boundaries, religion,cast color and creed. No East or West. No North or South. All members of a close internet community. It was natural for me too to be friends with these nice and perfect human beings . And during these past four months  I  made very good friends with whom I share a common interests. It was really great for me. A lot of friends, very nice and very caring indeed. I must admit that I found a lot of good friends on the net than in flesh and blood. And I am proud of it. Here is a brief account of these nice human beings.


First to meet was KAREN. She introduced me to ICQ. In fact it was she who sent me the ICQ through email. I am very thankful to her for this gesture of her because without ICQ I couldn't have found so many nice and great friends. Thank you KAREN. Karen lives in Maryland, USA. She is moving to a new home in October this year. I wish this new home proves a lucky one for her.

ICQ# 15266886

Brenda Cameron

Next I met BRENDA. She is a very nice and courageous lady living in Nimrod in the state of MN in USA. She has children and grand children and loves them very much. Her children are lucky enough to have such a great lady as their mother. I will remember you, Brenda for time to come. She is Brenda Cameron a nice person and above all a nice human being who found the email address of my nephew in MN and sent it to me. Great. You will find her at


ICQ# 15172365

Marie Hayes

Then it was turn to meet MARIE HAYES. She is from Philippines and married to American now living in United States. She also talks to me whenever she finds time, sometimes giving me advises too, which I gracefully acknowledge She is a loving person indeed. She can be seen at her best at


ICQ# 8311845

Justina Alice

JUSTINA ALICE from United Kingdom. Though being much younger to me She has proved to be good friend. She has a daughter JASMINE whom she loves very much.

ICQ# 16512279

Philip Mayer

Philip Mayer is a columnist. He works with a newspaper "BEELD" in South Africa. He is a fast learner and picked up ICQ very fast. He is very good friend. He lives with his family in Johannesburg. A very nice person indeed

ICQ# 18296984

Usman Ahmed

Next came Usman Ahmed from Pakistan. He is from my neighboring country Pakistan. Because we share almost common culture and language I developed a good rep with him. He calls me Uteesh Uncle and I am proud of it. Human language does not recognize any political boundaries or limits. Love is a great tool to resolve any differences.I feel if people from Pakistan and India come closer both the countries will come closer too. He lives in Lahore and is a computer student. Kaise Ho Usman Bhai? Meet the nice guy at

ICQ# 14985463

Letitia King

Letita King is from Bogalusa USA. She is about ten years younger to me. She has a happy family. She gave me ideas about how to use NET NANNY to keep a watch on children while on Internet. And she is special too. Because she is the first person to sign the guest book of my page. Thank you Letita.

ICQ# 10222221


Recently I met Marcy from Canada. She has proved to be a good friend. We are almost of the same age, share common interests on the net. She is kind and nice. You will find her bubbling with enthusiasm at:

ICQ# 19553627


Then there is a friend from Germany, Volker. He has a superb page on the net. He has put-up a picture of Taj Mahal on his page. Great. That is a tribute to my nation, India. Thank you very much Volker. See Volker at:

ICQ# 8167588


And most recently it was Grace Moredock from Evansville USA. Great friend to be.

She is getting married on December 19, 1998

W A R M    G R E E T I N G S

You can see her along with her fiancee at:

ICQ# 2673341


And Kate I have not forgotten you. She knows a lot about Kashmiri Pandits now.

ICQ# 14866977

Bobby and Priya

Hey Bobby! How are you ? Bobby is my nephew who lives in the state of MN USA alongwith his beautiful and caring wife Priya. He is a computer genius and works in software development there in US. After Brenda supplied me with his email address, we are often talking on ICQ. He is a great boy and great friend as well and so is his wife Priya. It seems they are made for each other. I wish them best of luck and my blessings are with them. They are planning to move into a new house shortly. He is the younger son of my sister "Didi" about whom I have mentioned in My mother's Page. He has recently presented me with a digital camera. Hey I am going high tech on computer. Thanks a lot Bobby. I love you.

ICQ# 6846868

Eyal Geron

One day I lost my ICQ panel on my desktop. Fortunately random chat window was open. I requested the first available random friend to send me a message. He sent it and lo! The ICQ main Panel was back on to my desktop. He is Eyal Geron from Israel.

ICQ# 10502182

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