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About our Children

On 16th April 1982 we were blessed with a son Animesh and on 6th August 1986 our other son Rishi was born. Animesh is studying diploma in computer engineering at Pune, Maharashtra and Rishi is studying in 10th grade here in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. They are well-disciplined and loving children. Animesh has a strong sense of historical & geographical background of places of the world and can describe a place very well without having visited it. New models of cars fascinate him very much. Rishi is a genius in Computer software and programmes. He has become almost an expert in Internet related software and other latest software being used on the net these days. We are proud of them.

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About Us

We started our life togather on 15th October 1980 when we got married. Since then we have come a long way in being the husband and wife. We are living a happy married life ever since..

Sarla was born in Kohlapur, a famous city of Indian state Maharahtra. She had her early schooling in Amritsar, Pathankot and a few other places. She had her middle level education in Vasanta Girls School, Srinagar and latter she graduated from Government Women's College Srinagar Kashmir. She did her postgraduation in Education from Aligarh Muslim University in the year 1978. She is a good school teacher and a good administrator too. After a long carrier in teaching profession she is giving me company here in Muscat. We know each other since we both were in teens. We have a long association with each other. Before our marriage she was called, as Sarla Bhat. She is the third child of Mrs Vidyawati and Mr. Dwarkanath Bhat. They used to stay in Habba Kadal, Shambhat Kocha.

It was a cold chilly evening of October 22, 1954, a male child was born to Mrs Vidyavati & Dr. Neelkanth Dhar, a medical doctor by profession. The newborn was fourth off spring of the doctor. He grew up in the loving and caring company of his two brothers and a sister besides a helpful father and a loving mother. The child was latter named as Uteesh

Then came time for him to go to school. It was the year 1959 and he was admitted to first grade in National High School, Srinagar. As was prevailing practice at that time his father distributed " SHIRIN", a type of inexpensive sweets, to all his classmates and to all concerned teachers. It was a special day for him. That was the start of his academic career. It was latter in 1969 that he appeared for Matriculation examination from the very same school. It was a wonderful journey of ten years in that school for him. He wishes that some day any of his schoolmates reads all this and remind him of those beautiful and carefree childhood days.

It seems very strange now when he remembers the fact that he didn’t travel out of Srinagar for first 17 years of his life. Srinagar being a hilly place was not connected by train (the locomotive with steel tracks). It was only in 1971 that he traveled for the first time in his life by train, as he had to go out of Srinagar for further studies.

It was latter in 1975 that he passed his graduation in Textiles from a textile institute of northern India, The Technological Institute of Textiles, Bhiwani now renamed as The Technological Institute of Textiles and Computer Science.

Ahmedabad, a textile city of western Indian State of Gujarat was called as Manchester of India. So he being a textile graduate naturally came to this city in 1977 and from then onwards has become a permanent resident of this Gujarati City. He worked as Dyeing & Finishing Manager in one of the best Textile Company in Asia, The Reliance Industries Limited. At present he is working as Processing Manager, Oman Textile Mills in one of the gulf of Arab countries, OMAN. We still miss those lush green gardens and high virgin mountains of lovely Kashmir Valley.

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Sarla Uteesh

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