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Isaac Sheppard Family

Isaac Sheppard c.a. 1775-11 December 1839
Isaac Sheppard, the son of William Sheppard/(Shepherd) and Jemima (Deason) Sheppard was born about 1775 in N. C. He married Margaret Cox born about 1775 in N. C., the daughter of William Cox. The 1800 census of Anson County, NC shows that Isaac and Margaret Sheppard had 3 sons under 10, 1 girl under 10 and 1 slave.

They moved to the Cape Girardeau District in what is now the state of Missouri about 1809. They may have brought slaves with them for the first state census, that of 1830, shows Isaac owning 5 slaves.

On 10 March 1809 Brother Isaac and Sister Margaret Sheppard were received by letter in the Old Bethel Baptist Church located southwest of Jackson, Missouri. He was ordained as deacon of the church on 8 September 1809. Both he and his brother, John, were early active members of the church.

In the fall of 1811, Isaac Sheppard purchased land included in Surveys 2138 and 238, both of which are located on Cooper Creek about 3 miles west of Jackson. On 18 October 1813, Isaac was appointed Judge of Common Pleas Court by Governor William Clark of the Missouri Territory (the Clark of Lewis & Clark expedition fame). He served in this position from 1813 to 1815. He later served as a County Court Judge from 1821 to 1827, after Missouri became a state.

Margaret (Cox) Sheppard died 7 September 1822 and is probably buried in the Old Bethel Church cemetery. Isaac married a second time to Mrs. Mary Stout Lambert in Union County, Illinois on 9 June 1825.

Minutes of the Old Bethel Baptist Church show that on 10 April 1824 seven members consisting of Isaac Sheppard, William Surrell, John Juden Sr., John Juden, Jr., James Massey, John Dougherty and Francis Thomas presented a petition asking to be released to form a church in Jackson. This petition was approved and the Jackson church was constituted.

Isaac Sheppard sold his Survey 2138 Cooper Creek farm in 1834 to William Howard who retained it until 6 November 1841. At that time Mr. Howard sold the farm to Isaac Newton Sheppard, the son of Isaac's brother John. Isaac Newton Sheppard lived there until his death in 1886. It was probably some time in the 1850s that Isaac N. Sheppard erected a brick two-story home on this farm. The ruined stone spring house on the bank of Cooper Creek just southeast of the brick house, however, may be much older than the dwelling. Both are located on the west bank of Cooper Creek about 200 yards north of County Road 450. Eventually, Isaac Newton Sheppard's daughter, Eunica, who married Albert C. Ford, became owner of the Survey 2138 farm.

Isaac Sheppard moved to an area in what was then Scott County. This area later became a part of present day Mississippi County when the county was formed in 1845. He served as a Judge of the County Court of Scott County from 1834 to 1837. His nephew, John H. Sheppard, Jr married the daughter of Isaac, Dorcas L., after his first wife, Polly Renfro, died. John Jr. also moved to this area and appears as a land owner on 1845 initial tax rolls for the newly formed Mississippi County. Hannah Adeline Sheppard, the daughter of John Jr and Polly Renfro married Harrison S. Thompson, a wealthy Mississippi County planter who owned about 5000 acres of land and had 45 slaves, in 1846. The family of John Jr. later migrated to Jackson County, Texas.

On 12 November 1834, Isaac Sheppard entered from the U.S. Government the SW 1/2 of Section 3-26-16 containing 160 acres. On this same date Isaac and Mary Sheppard sold to Thankful Randol, who kept a sort of hotel or boarding house in Matthew's Prairie (present day Charleston, MO), 80 acres of the above land for the sum of $100.

Land for the oldest Baptist Church in Mississippi county was established by deed dated 10 April 1835 for one acre of land on Mrs. Ella Deal's land southeast of Charleston. A log house was constructed on the site and used as a church until the 1850's. The deacons at that time were Isaac Sheppard and John Kennedy.

Isaac died on 11 December 1839 at his residence in Matthew's Prairie. It is believed Isaac may be buried in an unmarked grave in what was known as the Sheppard Cemetery (S5, T26, R16) in Mississippi County, Missouri.

Various genealogical researchers have arrived at different compositions of the family of Isaac Sheppard. Some have listed 13 children as the family of Isaac/Margaret and no children from the marriage of Isaac/Mary Lambert. Others have shown only four children as the offspring of Isaac and Margaret with nine belonging to Isaac/Mary Lambert. As a result of research of census data and various probate papers, we believe the following is a reasonable composition for the two families. However, further research is required to be more definitive.

Isaac/Margaret Sheppard Family