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Sheppard Home Page

Jack Howell Sheppard
July 14 1929-Oct 20 1997
This page is dedicated to the memory of Jack Sheppard
The following autobiography was written by my father for me as a genealogy project on Jan 4, 1995.
Jack Howell Sheppard was born on 14 July 1929 northeast of Wetumka, Hughes County, Oklahoma, the firstborn of Argus and Nora Ozella (Turpin) Sheppard. At an early age the family moved to Sasakwa in Seminole County, Oklahoma where the children, Jack and Betty Louise, attended both elementary and high school. Jack participated in both high school baseball and basketball activities, lettering in both sports. At graduation in May 1947, he was valedictorian of the senior class. After graduating from high school, Jack enlisted in the U. S. Army and received basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Following completion of basic training, he was promoted to Private First Class and selected for specialized personnel management training at The Adjutant General's School in Camp Lee, Virginia. Following completion of this training, Jack was selected for overseas duty and reported to the overseas replacement depot at Camp Stoneman, California in January 1948. He was then assigned to duty in the Phillipine Islands, arriving in Manila on 19 February 1948. He was given a duty assignment in Headquarters, Phillipines-Ryukus Command located in the old Phillippine University area (Camp Rizal) in Quezon City outside Manila. There he worked in the classification and assignment of enlisted personnel and was shortly made NCOIC of the branch. By November of 1948 he had been promoted to the permanent rank of Sergeant (old Staff Sergeant). The command headquarters was subsequently moved to Fort McKinley in 1949 and later, in May 1949, the headquarters moved once again, this time to Camp John Hay in Baguio, located off the Lingayen Gulf in the mountains of northern Luzon. On 12 September 1949, after completing his eighteen months tour, Jack was returned to the U. S. for subsequent reassignment. After travel and leave he was assigned in November 1949 to the 2nd Armored Division in Camp Hood near Kileen, Texas. There he served as administrator of personnel tests in the 502nd Replacement Company until honorably discharged on 27 April 1950. After a brief period out of service, Jack re-enlisted in the U. S. Army on 7 June 1950 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was assigned to Headquarters Battery of the 18th Field Artillery Battalion (Self-propelled 155mm gun) as a personnel management specialist. On 23 June 1950 Jack married Janice Joy Jones in Wewoka, Seminole County, Oklahoma. Janice Joy Jones is the daughter of Thurman Jackson ("TJ" or "Jack") Jones and O.Z. Fauncie Brantley and was born 1 July 1930 near Wewoka, Oklahoma. Joy worked as a telephone operator in Okemah where she remained for a short time until rental quarters could be found in Lawton, outside Fort Sill. While in Fort Sill, Jack was selected to attend a Field Artillery Intelligence Chief training course in 1951 and was assigned as the Intelligence Chief in the S-2 Section of the 18th FA Battalion. He was serving in this position when the battalion was selected for service in Europe during the Korean War. The unit arrived in Europe on 25 July 1951 and was assigned to the 36th Field Artillery Group of V Corps in Babenhausen, West Germany. The battalion was assigned to alert positions along the Fulda Gap on a rotational basis during the height of the Cold War. This mission continued throughout Jack's service in Europe. In early 1952 Joy arrived in West Germany where she joined Jack and they were assigned government housing in Babenhausen. They remained in these quarters until their return to the U. S. In March 1952 Jack was selected for attendance at an eight week NCO Combat Intelligence course in Oberammergau, West Germany. While he was attending the course, Joy resided in the village of Oberau between Oberammergau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Jack graduated from the course 15 May 1952 as the Outstanding Student and returned to his unit in Babenhausen. He received a Top Secret clearance in June 1952 and was subsequently commended for a special Top Secret assignment at Headquarters of the 36th Field Artillery Group in January 1953. On 3 January 1954 a son, David Andrew, was born at the 97th Army General Hospital in Frankfurt-am-Main, West Germany. Jack's three year tour in Europe was completed in July and he and his family arrived back in the U.S. on 31 July 1954 aboard the USNS "Patch". Upon return Jack received assignment back to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in the 548th Field Artillery Battalion. Jack and his family resided in Lawton until April 1955 when he was selected as cadre for the 3rd Armored Division which was being activated in Fort Knox, Kentucky. His family joined him there and resided in Elizabethtown and Vine Grove, Kentucky while he was stationed there. On 22 December 1955, a second son, Michael Anthony, was born in the base hospital at Fort Knox. After completing his enlistment, Jack was honorably discharged on 6 June 1956 and the family moved to Redondo Beach, California. Jack enrolled at the Northrop Institute of Technology in Inglewood in an Aircraft Engineering Technology (AET) course. While attending this 24 month course, a third son, Phillip Eugene, was born in Hawthorne Hospital on 18 February 1957. A fourth son, Howard Dean, was born 26 July 1958 at the same hospital. Upon completing the AET course in September 1958 Jack was hired as an engineer by North American Aviation in Downey, California. His initial employment was for work in flight testing of the GAM-77 and 77A "Hound Dog" airborne standoff missiles. In October 1959 Jack and Joy purchased their first home at 518 Ruby Drive in Placentia, California where they resided until June 1975. Jack subsequently worked on the Apollo command/service modules, the Saturn S-II second stage, the Paraglider and Space Shuttle programs while in Downey. During the early years of employment at Downey Jack attended night school at Northrop Institute where he received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in 1960. In April 1975 Jack was assigned to the B-1A flight test project at Edwards Air Force Base and the family moved to Palmdale, California where they purchased a home. Jack worked on the B-1A project both in production at Palmdale and flight testing at EAFB. For approximately six months he was on loan to the Boeing Aircraft Company (BAC) where he worked on the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) fly off competition and subsequently supported avionics testing of the B-1A by BAC. Upon the authorization of production of the B-1B aircraft by the new Reagan administration, Jack returned to Rockwell production flight test in Palmdale for the B-1B aircraft. After approximately 5 years on the B-1B production program, Jack retired on 31 January 1987 after 28+ years employment with what was now Rockwell.
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I am constantly updating files on the Sheppard and Jones genealogy. We come from William Shepherd (bn 1744), his son Isaac Sheppard (bn 1775), his son Elisha Sheppard (bn 1791) all from the area of Anson County North Carolina. Some of them briefly moved to Washington County Georgia in about 1801 and then traveled in a group across the country to gather and settle in Cape Girardeau County Missouri. There Francis Marion Sheppard was born in 1827. Moving to Boone County Arkansas his son George Pendelton Sheppard was born in 1868 in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas. Our ancestors (before or possibly including William in Anson County, NC) reportedly come from England.

The Sheppard Line

Will of Wm. Shepherd Sr.

dated 21 May 1801
"I, William Shepherd being weak in body but perfect in mind and memory. To my son John land on both sides of Wicker branch joining Thomas Stewarts place and Rosses Lands, 202 acres. To son, Thomas part of the three tracts that now remains including the plantation I now live on, only the house I value to $400 which he is to keep and an equal division of the price to be made amongst them all. To wife Jemima the Negroes and as much other property as she thinks proper to keep on the place she now lives on for her freely to enjoy with the assistance of my son Thomas Shepherd.
Witness: Enoch Deason, William Ross, David Ross
William Sheppard
His Mark X
Rebated July 1808-Witness Enoch Deason"

5. Jasper Sheppard
6. Elizabeth Sheppard married 28 May 1799 to Thomas White
7. Isaac Sheppard
8. Dorcas Sheppard married Rev. Jesse Lewellyn
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